Hi! Also a problem to solve. Help.

Welcome to the population! New organisms can introduce themselves here.
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Hi! Also a problem to solve. Help.

Post by Dragonop » Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:18 pm

Hi! I'm Dragonop and I'm new to the game and I'm here to introduce myself!
I live in Argentina, and love science, also a big indie games fan!
Actually I'm so new to the game, that I haven't even played it yet, so, I'm introducing myself, and at the same time I'm asking for help!
The game doesn't open for me, I managed to change the way the game doesn't open (Show the "Species: ALRE has stoped working"or not show that warning, make my screen flicker and then the game closes, etc) via editing the "profile.txt" file in the game folder, but I can't make the game work. Please help, the game looks amanazing, but I can't play it.

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Re: Hi! Also a problem to solve. Help.

Post by ClassyAmoeba » Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:41 pm

Hello, I am your local sentient Amoeba. Are you on a Mac? This game is incompatible with macs
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Re: Hi! Also a problem to solve. Help.

Post by 20 characters! » Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:36 pm

Hello! Welcome you have entered beautiful community that would greatly like to interact with you have a long complicated conversations and arguments. There are some things to keep in mind here though .

1. This is a strange place and it comes with its own unusual culture and endemic memes.
2. This is probably not the best place to look for moral guidance on anything, on anything.
3.I am not insane.
4. Grockstar, Angerdomeable, Quasar and Yasahiro are very trustworthy and reliable players, even when they are on The opposite team is you will always play somewhat fairly and try hard not to destroy any beautiful ecosystems that have been created, in short these are some of the few people I would recommend Trestik year(trusting here).
5. Expect Duck penises, and squids, an aphids.

6. Be nice, being nice does not include kicking people out of your games for no reason when they have done nothing to offend you.

7. Have a nice day.
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