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rot, removal of obligate herbavory, make obligate carnivory more viable

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:13 pm
by creca
1:rot, rotting meat is different from fresh meat, often fresh meat is tougher and fattier, i suggest to add a new diet modifier for rotting meat, this will make full fledged scavengers and decomposes more viable and possible

2:obligate herbavory doesn't exist in real life except in the insect world, many vertibret "herbivores" will gladly eat eggs,chicks/larvae, rotting meat, and insects given the chance, in some cases active hunting behavior is observed in the cases of horses and deer, lets remove obligate herbavory in the game to make getting carnivores easier

3:obligate carnivores however are often observed, unable to digest plant matter because of a short digestive tract, i suggest adding a point where a normal carnivore simply cant switch back, in some cases this can be a death sentence for a species, in others a life saver