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Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:53 pm
by BakedToast
And so, the Third month draws to a close; a month of turmoil, unrest, and instability; what will unfold due to these developments? Read on....

The Elders have discussed the Current issues, and their results are recorded here.

A Dabalian priestess who leads the morning prayers every weekend, Kimoni, has been nominated by the Dabalian Temple to represent them on the council of the Elders. Kimoni, while still guided by the best interests for Dabalian growth, also has Frye's progression in mind; she is a shrewd thinker and diplomat, and a loyal religionist.

1. Donate large plot of land to Ferran family, that they can develop it for Frye's benefit, yes or no?
Erris: This is a ridiculous proposal, Ferran should have to buy the land up-front.
Natoole: Unfortunately, this might be what we need to kick-start our economy again.
Fenris: Yes, I support my own proposal.
Maruki: We see no reason why not, as long as Frye recieves a tax on the developments.
Bouhe: Yes, as long as all valuable plants and herbs from clearing the forest are given to Lew.
Kimoni: Support Maruki.
Final Vote: After long discussion and review by the Village Elders, they agree to allow Ferran access to a large swathe of forested land either to the North, East, or West of Frye [Ferran's choice, detailed below; not South, as the river is South], provided that income generated from these lands will be taxed, with the Village Elders' coffers receiving 5% of ALL income generated on this property. Furthermore, during the initial clearing of the land, should that be Ferran's intent, any herbs and plants of value need to be given to Lew. Ferran may do with the other resources as they please.

Ferran's Choices for the swathe of land's location are as follows:
-West of Frye, just outside the hill where Kryne's Western Mine is situated. This area is closer to Asura's secluded, albeit empty, horse pasture as well, and in general is more distant from civilization in general.
-East of Frye, just outside the cavern where Ferran's Eastern Mine is situated. This area is closer to the road leading to Traye and the rest of the county, thus more exposed to the outside world.
-North of Frye, encompassing the Ferran Stoneworks Quarry. This is the general vicinity where strange noises have been occasionally heard in the night, and where people have gone missing in the past, but this area is also where the forest grows the lushest and seems the healthiest, the best potential for farmland.
Cisse, our Bailiff, has read the letters of the powerful families and has responded accordingly.

Lew: [No Letter Was Written]

Tannell: [No Letter Was Written]

Ferran: Thank you for Ciona. We would still appreciate it if you could introduce us to clients in the future, but at the moment we have a mob, not a company, and we wouldn't want to hurt your reputation for being in touch with something so useless.

Asura: [No Letter Was Written]

Elforche: [No Letter Was Written]

Cisse has read the letters: Cisse sends his regards to Ferran, and informs them that he can be patient, although he does plan to be one of Ferran's first clients once the band of mercenaries is ready.

The powerful families have done much this past month:
Lew: -Doting Donations- 23
The U'debbhaian Church and the Dabalian Temple both accept the donation, but are suspicious as to why Lew would be donating such amounts to them "on good faith". Northe accepts his donation, but is not pleased when he catches wind of Lew's donations to the other Churches, as this is effectively negating the edge he would have received by being the sole recipient of such an act. He doesn't tarnish Lew's reputation, but he isn't too happy. Lew finances, which were already struggling due to failed crops and animals, drop sharply after this hefty expenditure.

Lew: -Peasant Patronage- 12
The peasants, who had obviously been completely incapable of any spatial reasoning, set to work with the others, all the while scratching their fleas and reeking of bulrushes. The off-putting stench and bizarre habits of these filthy commoners has repulsed the other builders, such that they refuse to work with them. One fateful day, the filthy peasants are working on a structurally important area of the hospital, while the other workers are avoiding them, when one of them accidentally knocks out a support beam. The other workers run for their lives, and manage to clear the building, but the four mangy peasants who caused the problem are crushed under the framing. They die before the rubble can be cleared. The hospital has been greatly set back, and will still take a very long time to complete.

Lew: -Mace's Mulling- 73
Late at night, Lew delegates follow rumors and wisps of gossip throughout the unfamiliar alleys of Traye in search of Mace and his gang. At long last, they find them in the basement of a rundown backwater tavern, plotting their next criminal venture. Mace is standing at the head of the room, speaking to the members of his gang. From his right wrist hangs an odd attachment mechanism, with a large morningstar attached to a chain, effectively fusing the weapon to his arm. His other wrist has a crude claw-like appendage attached to it. When Mace sees the Lew delegates, he laughs dryly, and has his men restrain them. Put on the spot, the Lew delegates blurt out that they want to offer Mace work, as long as he doesn't commit crimes against Lew. Mace takes this surprisingly well, and informs Lew that his skills as a thug/bandit leader could be extremely useful to a family such as theirs, provided they pay him and his group well.

Lew: -Sweet Sales- 66
Thankfully for Lew, the higher-class citizens of Frye find the sorghum sweetener a useful stock; and while the clientele for such a product is not high due to its cost, Lew makes a manageable revenue stream from the sorghum, provided they can effectively farm it.

Lew: -Flavorful Franchise- 99
Garlic becomes extremely popular with everyone in Frye quite rapidly, being used in cooking of all kinds, from basic meals to extravagant pestos. The streets of Frye near the Lew estate waft with the alluring aroma of garlic, and buyers rush in from every quarter to purchase this new herb from Lew. Soon, Lew has almost no stock left, and will need to either replant or find more wild garlic to appease the populace, who are willing to pay whatever it takes to get more garlic. Lew's finances increase sharply, recovering most of the large donations they had made to various churches earlier this month.

Tannell: -Library of Legends- 51
Tannell inventors begin to put together the tales they have gathered from Frye and the outlying villages, amalgamating them into a book of parables, myths, and legends. The process is not easy, and will not be quick, especially if Tannell plans for this book to be a work of quality. However, the writers have made decent progress so far, and have 1/2 of a basic manuscript recorded.

Tannell: -Planting Pleas- 54
The explanations of Tannell to the Village Elders carry weight, and they rescind their decision to destroy the plants. However, Tannell is required give half of any crop yield to the Village Elders as a tax on this strange, and potentially quite valuable, plant.

Tannell: -Beast Blood- 56
Over the next few days, the dried blood begins to blacken from it's originally greenish hue, and reacts in ways that are quite negligible when interacting with various stimuli. By comparison, it is much darker than cow's blood, goat's blood, or deer blood. As it dries and decays, it emits an odd and off-putting smell, rather sickening. Nothing else can be determined from the blood at this point.

Tannell: -U'debbhaian Undoings- 68
The preachers at the U'debbhaian Church receive the letter of Tannell, and while Tannell has no entanglements with the Church, they take the letter of such an influential leader quite seriously. While Loforz is unswayed in his ambitions, and continues to rile the populace, the other preachers try to calm the populace down. This has caused a rift to begin to form, with the Loforians uniting under the banner of upheaval, resentment, and general retribution, and the loyalist U'debbhaians taking a more thoughtful approach to the situation. Currently, about 60% of the Church is Loforian, and 40% is loyalist.

Ferran: -Loforz' Lament- 17
Loforz is quite an arrogant and seething brat, despite somehow having risen through the esteemed ranks of the Church of U'debbha; at least he seems to be so. He doesn't accept Ferran's apology, possibly in part to having listened to Northe's anti-family statements and adopting his attitude of general dislike for the families and their political tendrils. Loforz also doesn't take what he sees as Ferran driving a wedge between him and Northe very kindly, and retorts that Ferran had better stay out of his and Northe's business if they don't want to be at the receiving end of the riots.

Ferran: -Wall Construction- 57
The riots are appeased after they witness Ferran's paid labourers working diligently on the wall that Ferran had committed to build for Frye. Progress on the wall goes well, and in fact finishes, due to only a few sections being left unfinished previously. Ferran collects a modest gratuity from the coffers of the Village Elders for this endeavor; the inhabitants of Frye can feel safer from outside threats as well as bandits. Three gates have been inserted into the walls of Frye: The North Gate, shut almost permanently, opens only for outside labourers that forage and harvest the forest to the North. This gate is always shut at night, due to the strange noises and other unsettling things of the North forest. The East Gate, almost always open, encompasses the highway leading out of Frye and into the rest of the Traye county. Merchants and travelers flock through the gate during the day, and occasional messengers or lone wanderers enter and leave the gate at night, provided they have reasonable explanations for the gate guards. The West gate, open during the day and closed during the night, opens into some of the undeveloped forest and small outlying farms of Frye.

Ferran: -Steel Company Construction- 99
Many laborers who had been laid off and fired due to the labor cost crisis jump at the chance to secure room and board for themselves, especially since costs have inflated for these commodities in Frye to offset the increased labor costs. The Steel Company Barracks go up very quickly and efficiently, without a hitch, as the laborers work hard for honest room and board in the stone wall-houses built by Ferran. Some business aristocrats are a bit miffed by Ferran's loophole usage due to the labor costs, but do not intervene in the construction. By the end of the month, the Steel Company Barracks stand tall and strong, a testament to Ferran's industriousness. Ferran's reputation with the general populace makes a sharp climb.

Ferran: -Common Apprenticeship- 94
Families who are struggling to find employment due to businesses cutting labour due to increased labour costs are overjoyed to hear of Ferran's proposal. Aspiring apprentice craftsmen flock to the Blackmsithing and Masonry companies belonging to Ferran, more than happy to accept food and lodging for their training in the stone wall-houses built by Ferran. Soon, Ferran has quite a group of eager apprentices at their disposal, all quickly learning the arts taught them by their once-foreign masters. Production from the Blacksmith forge and Ferran Stonework increases due to the extra labourers. Ferran's reputation with the common populace climbs further, due to them taking "an interest in the wellbeing of the common folk".

Ferran: -Ciona's Challenge- 26
The glory-seeking merry men recruited by the "Magickal Bard" are still filled by the aspiring music he had instilled in them, and are not impressed when their captain reveals herself to be a woman. Despite her combat prowess, they refuse to follow her orders and her instructions for organized training, scoffing at her frustration with them. At one point, a fight breaks out between two mercenaries versus Ciona; she promptly schools them both at the same time, but the hostility between the recruits and Ciona doesn't fade.

Ferran: -Plate Protection- 33
Ciona accepts the plate armor forging as a gift, but to Ferran's dismay, she doesn't wear it. She already shows great prowess and agility in her light armored leather outfit, and the less inhibition she has for her great Zweihander-esque sword, the better. She sends the suit of armor to her family in Traye for safekeeping, so that if she ever needs funds, she can sell the high-quality steel plate set.

Elforche: -Final Fines- [No Roll Required]
The fine is quite large, and Elforche's finances are harmed modestly by such a payment, but the delegates imprisoned by Count Aschet are released. Count Aschet's negative attitude towards Elforche has been slaked due to this diplomatic arrangement, and although he warns them not to meddle in affairs that don't concern them, he isn't exceptionally turned against them.

Elforche: -Esmeralda's Emancipation- 76
Esmeralda, although still quite a whimsical lass, understands that the repair on the villa will not be instantaneous. She is content to reside in the Elforche Family estate for now, and Elforche capitulates to her supply requests for magic, which include daily: a gallon of water, one loaf of dry and crumbling bread, a glass of vintage red wine, and one freshly caught fish; weekly, Esmeralda requires four lute strings, a handful of finely cut wood, and a basket of fresh fruit, and a chunk of raw meat.

Elforche: -Brothel Building- 46
Work on the brothel progresses slowly, but at least no construction disasters occur. Kryne is a bit disappointed that the brothel was not finished this month, but he understands Elforche's reasoning on their careful pace, and doesn't complain further. If all goes well, the brothel should be finished next month.

Elforche: -Crafty Carpentry- 93
The shrewd recruiting eyes of the remaining professional crafts-masters and the strict training regimen combine to form the most productive apprentices of wood-crafting and carpentry that Frye has ever seen. Elforche's crafting industry has regained it's strength, and is once again an economic force to be reckoned with; Elforche's income stream has been mostly restored, and although the apprentices do not have years of experience, they do have natural talent and a willingness to learn. Elforche's reputation with a few commoner families increases for having hired their children.

Elforche: -Guided Crowds- 79
The incitement by disguised members of the Elforche family in Northe's riots does indeed have the desired effect. The rioters storm the temporary jail, overwhelming the guards inside, and viciously attacking all those imprisoned therein. Most of the henchmen of Luge's collective are trampled in the case, although two manage to escape. They are witnessed fleeing Frye without looking back.

Lew: -Horrifying Henge- 55
Lew, using the information given them by Ferran, begins searches and inquiries about such an odd henge. With very little information to go on, they find very little, except some pointed questions from Esau, the Chayrusite cult leader, who seems to take a very keen interest in the drawing and where it came from. He doesn't reveal any information to Lew, but privately offers them a handsome price if they sell the drawing to him as well as provide him with any other information they find about this henge. What Lew does with this information is up to them.

New Issues:
1. Bouhe has stepped forward to propose that new seats of the Elders to be added so that a member of each religion can be here simultaneously. This can allow for productive discourse among the various religious groups in Frye and no longer require rotations, as there will be a seat for each religious group. A side effect may be that each individual Elder has less power, as their votes will carry a smaller percentage of the majority needed to pass a law.

2. Natoole has stepped in with a proposal to rescind our previous decision about Frye's laborers' pay. Perhaps we can repair our economy by providing more opportunities to work, and to let the markets work themselves out.
Notable Events:
1. The wedding of Bracchus and Esmeralda is to take place next month, in an ornate wedding festival, as is the custom amongst the powerful families when they intermarry. The other families are naturally invited to grace the wedding with their presence, and bring a fitting gift of their choice for the bride and groom. They may also make a speech at the wedding if they have anything particular they wish to say.

2. Several business minded aristocrats have taken to Ferran's idea of providing room and board to their laborers instead of monetary compensation, to avoid the new labor laws. This has turned a portion of the common populace into a more well-treated variant of the servant/slave, as these laborers are now even further dependent on their employers.

3. An alliance between the Divine Mothers and the Cult of Chayrus has appeared to spring up, with the women and their young children attending the Cult gatherings in Esau's basement, and selling Chayrus-related crafts and decor at their market stall. They are also encouraging other commoners to attend the Chayrus cult meetings, to learn more about the true god who shall bring all to be one.

4. A report of a famished-looking Black Beast attacking the Ferran Quarry has caused quite a stir. The Beast overpowered the Quarry guard and dragged away one of the stone cutters into the forest, and they were not seen since.
OOC: This is an experimental section which you can give feedback on as well. It is planned to be used to record questions+proposals between families that are not answered during the month by the receiving family, and also OOC/IC questions given to me as the GM or to the Village Elders. This section can also be used to inquire about specific past events (like, "hey, wasn't there that one guy who said he was going to return to Frye three months ago? What happened to him?"); this section will help clarify communication between players, and also aid me in case I forget certain events that the rest of you remember. Do you think this is a necessary section, a good idea, or a waste of time? Let me know.

In short, here are the current Issues that the Elders can vote on this month:
1. Add a seat for a representative of each religious group?
2. Rescind forced increase on laborer pay?
And so we arrive at the onset of the Fourth month. One who is wise may attempt to repair the chaos; one who is foolish may attempt to worsen the chaos; one who is ambitious may use the chaos for their own good; and one who is afraid may flee or hide. What shall unfold, what shall come upon Frye in this coming month? We shall see.

Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:08 pm
by naturegirl1999
1. Yes
2. Yes

Lew tries to get Mace and his gang to their estate without detection

Lew plants garlic in their farms

Lew searches for more wild garlic

Bring gifts of various crops, meat(if we have any), and silk to the wedding

Take care of the crops and livestock on the farm

Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:38 pm
by Tiberius
2. I prefer the new system This is a complex issue and simply rescinding the law that caused it won't nessicarly solve anything we should take more time to evaluate the pros and cons of this action and determine what the optimal course is to heal the economy without causing further harm, but we must remember that....

I choose north, begin development
Send the Steel Company to KILL THE BEAST

Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:25 am
by BakedToast
Tiberius wrote:
Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:38 pm
Finish the wall
I choose north, begin development
Send the Steel Company to KILL THE BEAST
The Wall is already finished.
naturegirl1999 wrote:
Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:08 pm
Lew plants garlic in their farms
Lew searches for more wild garlic
For both of you, a question: are these the only actions you wanted to do? What about all the other things you can get involved in? Or are you both still thinking about other actions?

Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:23 am
by naturegirl1999
Do the families who are part of the wedding bring gifts too? How will interfamilial weddings work?

Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:28 pm
by BakedToast
naturegirl1999 wrote:
Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:23 am
Do the families who are part of the wedding bring gifts too? How will interfamilial weddings work?
As with most festivals (and real life), sure, families involved can bring gifts too. These gifts are for the wedding couple. This is an interfamilial wedding (Bracchus from Lew, Esmeralda from Elforche), and thus it can be used to cement an alliance of goodwill between the two families, if they desire it.
This is not intended to be an overly political event, but merely a happy and celebratory occasion. Enjoy it!
Granted, the last interfamilial wedding (Xijin of Asura and Lenora of Elforche) ended up being a political issue thanks to Tiglam's arrogance resulting in his assassination at the wedding, but this is not meant to be the rule, unless one of the families decides to crash this wedding as well.

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Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 1:59 am
by BakedToast
Billy5545 wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:54 am
Guineapig004 wrote:
Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:52 pm
Just waiting on Elforche and Tannell (and Asura if they come back), and the month will be good to go!

Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:32 am
by Guineapig004
1. Yes! That is a wonderful suggestion. Though, as a caveat, we should let the Dabalian priestess finish her term, as the other representative did. Once it is complete, we shall allow both leaders on the council.
2. Yes, as it is my own idea...

Continue working on the book of tall tales.

Grow more of the strange plant for later research. Meanwhile, bring in other the other families' scholars to test the plants effects on pests (rodents). Always have a weapon on hand! (Wouldn't want to start a horror film.)

Save the rest of the beast's blood. Perhaps it can be useful in the future.

Make improvements to the Elegant Oak's dining area, and expand its kitchens.

Attend Bracchus and Esmeralda's union, bringing a royal blue tapestry of a fiery dragon. May it serve its purpose well. :)

Send one of our members to see what all the fuss is in the "Cult of Chayrus".

Send a couple scholars to investigate the "Black Beast's" attack. (See below for more information.)
Letter to the Bailiff:
Greetings Cisse,
We have reports of another attack from the "Black Beast". We are sending our scholars to investigate the scene imminently. We are attempting to get the village guards' assistance in the matter. We currently do not need support, though we wish to keep you informed on the pressing situation in Fyre.


Re: Burghers of Frye

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:47 pm
by naturegirl1999
Lew agrees with your caveat

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Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:14 pm
by BakedToast
Billy5545 wrote:
Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:31 pm
Are you planning on making a turn? I'm drafting up the turn report now.