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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Thu May 09, 2019 12:48 pm

Burger Cat wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:32 am
Maruki Decision:
Will Asura act this month?
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Burger Cat » Tue May 14, 2019 7:46 pm

I might have to leave this game for a little while as my time have become more busier but when I do have free time I will return into this game.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Tue May 14, 2019 8:25 pm

Burger Cat wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 7:46 pm
I might have to leave this game for a little while as my time have become more busier but when I do have free time I will return into this game.
That's fine. Good luck on your work
I'm gonna put the last thing I copied here. Will change each time I visit for variety

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Wed May 22, 2019 8:08 pm

BakedToast wrote:
Thu May 09, 2019 4:45 am
Just waiting on Asura, and we'll be ready for the next turn!
I am drafting up the beginnings of the turn report already. If we do not receive an action from Asura soon, it will be assumed that they did nothing of note this month.
Asura is not acting this month, how's the turn report?
I'm gonna put the last thing I copied here. Will change each time I visit for variety

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Thu May 23, 2019 4:41 am

3/4 finished. Busy irl conditions, but also this this the annual turnover report for Frye, so there is a lot more to be done. Hopefully I’ll have it up before the weekend.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Guineapig004 » Thu May 23, 2019 10:10 am

Thank you for your work! It is always a joy to read.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Wed May 29, 2019 2:50 pm

And thus, the twelfth month, and with it the second year, floats away, as the dust behind a rushing merchant's wagon dissipates in the wind, blinding the eyes of the bandits who chase it. The lives of those in Frye have been forever affected and changed by the events of the past year, and we can only hope that things will continue their winding struggle uphill towards the betterment of those who act in such alignment. After all, we never meant to hurt anyone.

The Elders have discussed the Current issues, and their results are recorded here.

1. Rescind the order of dismemberment and banishment, yes, no, or hold plebiscite?
Erris: Yes, replace the hand chopping and banishing with execution instead. I also suggest hanging for it.
Natoole: Yes! Rescind this barbaric act!
Fenris: I still don't care, but people seem angry so let's stop doing it.
Maruki: This law was put in place for a reason, and we must not shrink back from some mild blood!
Bouhe: We can rescind it, if another punishment can be thought of.
Loforz: This punishment is barbaric in the eyes of U'debbha, and must be stopped.
Final Vote: It did not take long for the Village Elders to remove the barbaric punishment by majority vote. Everyone agreed that there should still be a punishment, and thus Erris' suggestion went through; since violent criminals are not caught regularly, an example must still be shown to the populace to ensure that less people try a life of banditry. Instead of bloodying Xijin's sacred sword monument, a small removable gallows shall be erected in the town square whenever it is necessary to be used.

Cisse, our Bailiff, has read the letters of the powerful families and has responded accordingly.
Lew: [No Letter Was Written]

Tannell: [No Letter Was Written]

Ferran: [No Letter Was Written]

Asura: [No Letter Was Written]

Elforche: [No Letter Was Written]

Cisse is currently in Frye, and since no letters were written, he will be finishing his business in Frye and then returning to the Court in Traye.

The powerful families have done much this past month:
Ferran: -Indigo Insurance- 76
Fair winds have shifted towards Ferran's repair endeavor, and the Indigo Ibex has been finally finished from all the devastation caused a few months ago. The Indigo Ibex is once again open for business, and has begun to accrue patrons.

Ferran: -Miner Advancements- 47
A lot of rubble has been cleared and safety supports have been installed, but clearing the mine is still slow going. Ferran-hired workers have managed to clear rubble from about 70% of the mine, and install safe structural supports in 90% of the cleared areas. Work could begin in the areas that are cleared and supported, but caution is recommended from Ferran-hired mine advisers who warn that any excessive digging could cause the structural integrity to become unstable. Their strong advice is to wait on mining until the mine has been fully cleared and structurally supported, but the final decision is up to the Ferran family on this matter.

Ferran: -Arms Amassment- 80
Ferran's skilled blacksmiths put as much effort as they can find in themselves toward this goal, and manage to increase their production significantly, making quite a few spare weapons and even bucklers that Ferran is able to add to their stockpile of weapons. Ferran now has enough weapons stockpiled to give every member of the Ferran family two bladed weapons if necessary, as well as a surplus of throwing knives, bucklers, arrowheads, and other weaponry.

Ferran: -Dramatic Theatrics- 69
Upon Cisse's arrival to Frye, an uproar takes place in the streets outside of Ferran's estate. A man in a tattered Ferran cloak rushes out onto the street, armed with a broadsword, while a fiery-haired man sporting several injuries and a leather-clad thug rush out after him, armed with daggers. Deftly evading the Ferran delegates who come chasing out after them, they rush off into the forest; the leather-clad thug throws his dagger backwards as he flees into the forest, lodging it in the left arm of one of the Ferran pursuers, who retreat to take care of the wounded one. While Cisse is not impressed with Ferran's incapability to keep guard over those he wanted to question, there's nothing they can do anymore on that note, other than send a search party out into the forest, which Cisse orders be done with a detachment of County soldiers.

Ferran: -Nola's Nobility- 85
Although members of Ferran are undoubtedly displeased by the special treatment Nola receives, they capitulate and give her the things she requests, in return for their protection and her agreement to remain in custody with the Ferran family. Strange hissing and flopping sounds can be heard from Nola's room during the day, and each morning and evening she takes a solitary walk on her private balcony, sprinkling incense and herbs into the air and letting them waft into the streets below, causing commoners to pause and take in the mystical scents. Nola's courtier spends every night with her, until one day Nola declares she no longer has need of him, and banishes him from her quarters. Skilled Ferran negotiators have also managed to limit her formerly outrageous consumption of spiced sweetmeats to once per week instead of every other day, and cut out most of her consumption of fine aged wine, reducing her goat's milk consumption to half what it once was.

Ferran: -Weeping Ceremony- [N/A]
If one were to pause for a moment in front of the gates of the Ferran family estate on a fateful moonlit night, they might hear the sound of quiet weeping coming from the gardens Ferran Estate. Here, leading members of the Ferran family have begun to privately gather for a newly instantiated "Weeping Ceremony", in which they mourn the disasters that have struck their family in the past year, and vow to each other to strive harder to make Ferran a glorious family despite all that has happened in the past.

Lew: -Convenient Culling- 30
Unfortunately for Lew farmers, wild fox behavior is far too unpredictable to estimate which foxes are more or less aggressive. The extremely aggressive ones are still effectively slain, but many foxes originally considered non-aggressive still attempt to bite the farmers.

Lew: -Bodily Bait- 38
Several Lew investigators leave the bodies of the culled foxes laying about the cave, but receive no response from the cave. The fox bodies eventually rot and decompose of their own accord, with no animal coming near them.

Lew: -Shuidri Sense- 18
An accident occurs while farmers are caring for the eggs of the Shuidri; an aggressive fox escapes its quarantine and manages to trample the beds of Shuidri eggs during its feverish attempts to escape the farm. The Shuidri eggs are destroyed, and many of the young Shuidri manage to create silk strands and fly aloft on the wind into Frye.

Lew: -Shuidri Alliance- 21
While Briana means well, the two cynical Shuidri that she took on as a host couldn't care less about the Medicants, as they are not threatened by them, sensing that they are in an environment of a willing host, and thus have no reason to fear being killed, and they also have no reason to care about what happens to other Shuidri of their kind. They feast off of Briana's nightmares caused by them and grow fat.

Lew: -Hiding Hospitality- 39
Unfortunately for Lew, they are farmers and not skilled builders; this has caused their hospital building to progress quite slowly, and waste quite a few valuable building materials, draining their finances. Thankfully, no one has discovered their secret operation as they have begun to build in a secluded area on the farms of Lew.

Lew: -Leife's Learnings- 9
Leife's questionings are not taken kindly by the Medicants, who promptly inform Northe of this acolyte's unnatural inquisitions. Northe takes a short break from the Church of Northe to facilitate Leife's arrest, having him incarcerated in the basement of the Church of Northe, where he plans to interrogate him for whatever information he may know.

Lew: -Full Disclosure- 3
After showing Cisse the evidence they have gathered, Lew presents a strong case against Ferran's employment of various criminal entities and facilitation of the acts of Arson throughout the town, only to have Cisse command his county soldiers to seize the evidence, claiming that this is a matter of higher investigation, and Lew should have no part in such investigating. Unwilling to resist high authority, Lew capitulates, and surrenders all evidence gathered to Cisse. Lew now no longer has any evidence with which to present any case, as it is in full control of Cisse.

Lew: -General Purchasing- 95
The new owner of the general store, Krampt, is more than happy to accept the hefty fee they are willing to pay for any information. After locking the received money away in an iron box, Krampt informs them that he knows who the gruff noble was that sold the shifty items, as the previous owner had warned him about this man; it was the man who had had his hands cut off in the barbaric exemplary ceremony thrown by the Village Elders: Mace. Krampt doesn't expect he will be returning any time soon since he is basically a maimed beggar now, if not simply dead. Krampt tells the Lew delegates that if they ever need more information, he will be more than willing to provide it for a fee. Relations between Lew and the common populace improve, as Krampt puts in a good word here and there for Lew.

Tannell: -Modest Mirrorings- 7
During construction of a scaled-down version of the pyramid-like structure, Tannell realizes the cost of not hiring skilled builders; several errors were made during building the foundation of the structure that caused it to collapse during construction, trapped a Tannell builder beneath the rubble, giving him minor injuries. The builders have had to start again from scratch.

Tannell: -Familiar Folklore- 56
Multiple Tannell delegates spend nights in taverns, slums, and around bonfires in Frye, Shaake, and Donu, and begin to collect local tales and stories; from

Tannell: -Forest Foraging- 97
Tannell explorers in the forest, searching for new forms of food, make an amazing discovery! Slightly loathe to call it "food" per se, they have discovered grey banana-like fruits growing on great trees deep in the forest. They only found a sparse few of these trees, but they were loaded with the fruits, such that the explorers could fill both of their carts full of them. Inside these banana-like fruits was a sweet, fleshy, grey inside that tasted similar to strong lemon when eaten, along with minuscule orange seeds inside. The explorers soon noticed during their day-long return trip to Frye that those of them who ate the fruits felt strangely smarter and wittier than they had before, and felt like they were slightly older, also feeling under the power of a foreign aphrodisiac, resulting in several scandals between some of the explorers during their trip. The explorers refer to these fruits as "Orange Seeds" due to the strong contrast of the fruit and the seed. They bring the cartloads of fruit and their bright seeds to Tannell's estate under cover of night; what Tannell does with this powerful commodity and the information attached to it is up to them.

Tannell: -Arson Apprehending- 29 [Result Aided by Elforche]
After Arson Man's Brazen escape into the forest, several delegates from Tannell and Elforche head into the forest to attempt to track them down. Unfortunately, those who are innovators and crafters by trade are not the most apt at following tracks of fleeing men without some form of hired help, and since no one thought to hire a hunter or a tracker of any kind, the delegates soon become despondent in their search for the tracks themselves. After hearing a disturbingly loud and guttural roar from deeper in the forest, the frightened delegates rush back to Frye, empty handed.

Elforche: -Thorough Investigation- 84
A full investigation of everything in the mostly untouched villa since the event has revealed the following: The back wall of the living room was busted open by a large ram, but it was crude ram, clearly not military-made, due to pieces of twigs and bark found near the ruptured hole. The torn chunks of cloth and leather bits indicate that the combatants in the living room were Elforche guards, Asuran soldiers, Ferran delegates, County Soldiers, and possibly a thug or two. The muddy footprints heading up and down stairs suggest that the groups split up. Upstairs, there are no signs of major struggle. Downstairs, a bloodstain indicates a weapon was thrown into one of the room's occupants; the other occupant was untied from the chair. Muddy and ash-ridden tracks leading out the front door suggest that a small group managed to escape through the front door during a small fire in the living. The mass of footprints near the breach in the living room wall indicates that the attackers could have also left through the breached wall.

Elforche: -Barrack Construction Aid- 87
Elforche's financial resources have been put to good use, hiring skilled builders who repair the damage of the collapsed barracks and put it well on it's way to completion. The Asuran barracks should be completed early this coming month.

Elforche: -Truth and Reconciliation- 58
Sending a few delegates to the Asuran family estate, informing them that they accept their apology and their gifts, has helped soften tensions between Elforche and Asura. Naturally, there is still some animosity, particularly between those who lost loved ones in the skirmish.

Elforche: -Joint Training- 47
The suggestion to hold a joint training does not go down well with the Asurans, but they do not decline the suggestion. on a fateful morning, Elforche and Asuran guards meet at the sparring grounds to train together. What started as a regular training day turned into a series of duels between Elforche and Asuran guards using wooden weapons, with several on both sides becoming mildly injured as the guards took out some of their pent-up disgruntlement for the others during the duel.

Elforche: -External Sources- 73
Some skilled Elforche investigators spend several days traveling the countryside, gathering information. They gather several books written on recent political history, reading about the Traye county in depth, and how it has had a hereditary succession for quite some time, rife with family feuds, brawls, assassinations, and tournaments. Farther back, these lands were settled by humanity almost 500 years ago, when they were at war with some other strange race who lived in these areas. These parts of the books are obscure and appear subjective, and not much material is available to give support to these claims. As for the strange happenings around Frye, the Elforche investigators hear the rumors of the Black Beast, who was slain by Xing and Wasashi, and of the Dark god, who had and still sometimes does plague the commoners among Frye's streets in their dreams.

Elforche: -Branching Organization- 82
In Shaake, Elforche delegates come across a young family interested in craftsmanship; the man and his wife are both skilled journeymen in the crafting trade, and are looking for capital to start a budding family crafting business. They are delighted to hear Elforche's proposal, and agree to use the investment funds to begin a family crafting business under Elforche's name. So far, the business has been going well in Shaake.

Elforche: -Crafty Machinations- 63
The experiments of gem-inlaid wooden totems and pendant pieces has garnered interest among a few niche markets, allowing Elforche to expand its business in that direction, provided they can find a less expensive source of gems than regular merchants to use in their crafting endeavors.

Elforche: -Furnished Business- 24
Unfortunately, Elforche craftsmen appear to be more skilled at smaller crafts than large pieces of furniture-work, and integrating other materials into an already flailing industry was a bad idea. Many of their experimental tables and chairs collapsed prematurely; some collapsed in view of customers, causing the furniture aspect of Elforche's enterprize to suffer.

Elforche: -Esmeralda's Escape- 68
Honing her illusory skills, Esmeralda has become able to consistently turn small glasses of water into small glasses of wine. Using this trick, she manages to make her less-than-honorable room guard a bit tipsy, which she uses to her advantage to escape into the streets of Frye during an Elforche feast. One of her suitors, a [quite] young man of Lew by the name of Bracchus, sees her escape, and, offering to be her white knight, escorts her to the edge of the village through several alleyways. Esmeralda is whisked off her feet by his daring behavior, and he takes her to his Lew-owned home instead of helping her escape Frye altogether. Esmeralda and Bracchus are currently laying low, and Elforche has no idea where Esmeralda is. Bracchus is also careful to ensure that Lew doesn't catch on to this scandalous behavior.
New Issues:
1. Bouhe has stepped forward in the Village Elders meeting to propose the following. People who work at hospitals need to have experience in making and/or prescribing medicine, and diagnosing patients correctly. This is to avoid incorrectly diagnosing and incorrect treatments that result in permanent injury and/or death.
Notable Events:
1. It appears that the Black Beast may have returned to Frye. Strange noises are heard from the outskirts of Frye over the half-finished Ferran Wall. A few people have gone missing, mostly street urchins and common folk who had been roaming the streets under cover of night.

2. Amonet, leader of a group who dub themselves "Divine Mothers", has expanded her small enterprise by investing in a merchant's stall in the market, where the Divine Mothers can sell home-made goods of all kinds. This has increased her revenue stream, further increasing her power in Frye...

3. The School of Frye currently has teachers for all curriculums. All classes are going reasonably well, although none are in an exemplary position of academic standards. Students in the school are certainly more learned than their parents, who had no school.

4. A small band of thugs has begun to amass in the old docks area; mostly remnants of Mace's gang, hearsay has it, but they are being led by a scraggly street vagrant by the name of Luge, and so far have not committed any crimes other than being seen plotting in various alleyways but never doing anything.

5. The New Year's Festival will take place this month. Usually, no major speeches are made at this Festival, but commoners are allowed to make silent votes and proposals for new laws to be put in a suggestion box, from which the two most popular law suggestions will be voted on by the Village Elders. If the families wish to attend or take particular actions at the Festival, they are allowed to do so.
In short, here are the current Issues that the Elders can vote on this month:
1. Insist on proof of Medical experience to be a doctor, yes or no?

::Yearly Summary of Frye::
The political system in Frye is a mostly stable system, such that the Village Elders are able to create and modify local laws when necessary, under the hierarchy of Cisse the Bailiff, who has allowed this traditional system to continue, albeit with himself being able to create, modify, or remove laws as well, without having to go through the Village Elders. The Elders still hold generally good favor with most of the populace, despite a few jarring mistakes in the past year that have caused quite a bit of disturbance from Frye.
External trade investments have died down somewhat from the opening of the year, since Frye is no longer considered a "Virgin Market" and its economy has adjusted to the outside world. Several Family-owned economic enterprises have had their share of hardships, which has allowed some independent companies to rise from the dust and chaos and begin their own operations. The increased variety of organizations in Frye has led to healthy competition, making economic life in general better and more convenient for commoners, if more difficult for businesses. The economic flourishing over the past several years has aided in reducing religious tensions as well, as people have been focusing more on their own profits, rather than their own prophets.
The trained regiments of Frye's city guard can be seen patrolling the streets day and night, while a few powerful families have themselves equipped with their own private militias; mercenaries are also available for hire, but they are dwindling in number since very few people who can afford mercenaries actually hire them for anything. A few recent incidents have caused the power of Frye's guard regiments to decrease, in both number and equipment; so far, this has not caused any problems, but it may in the future.
Tensions between differing religions have mostly died down. U'debbhaian and Dabalian patrons, who make up a majority of those in Frye, have gotten along well by peaceably ignoring each other, for the most part. The Church of Northe has stabilized itself, and is making less evangelical efforts, instead focusing on strengthening the Medicants and Northe's personal endeavors, as he is the chosen Dark god Slayer. The Followers of Chayrus, the remnants of the cult left behind by Armanus, are still actively evangelizing under cover of night and darkness, covertly attempting to increase their numbers, mostly among the commoners; many in the cult still believe Asura to be on their side, due to a quick pact some Asurans had made with them months ago.
::Annual Families Report::
Elforche began this year as a family receding into the background, running quiet and consistent businesses, and largely staying uninvolved in political and ambitious endeavors. But a recent change in leadership has caused Elforche to become more involved on the municipal stage, and Elforche's expansion has begun anew. So far, Elforche's new courses of action have been nobler than before their fading into the background, and thus their reputation with the general populace has stayed slightly positive, although with skepticism.
Financially, Elforche is still recovering from the loss of revenue and profit from the Eastern Mines, but with a few other thriving businesses, they are beginning a slow recovery. Elforche also has a sizable amount of capital at their disposal, due to quite a few months of doing nothing majorly ambitious.
Currently, Elforche owns the following:
Elforche Family Estate
Elforche Cabinetry and Craftsman Business
Elforche Wooden Totem Business
Elforche Private Forest (slowly regrowing, most trees are quite young and spindly)
Elforche Mining Museum
Elforche Fortune Teller
Elforche Private Villa (currently quite damaged, unlivable)
Elforche Craftsman Business in Shaake
Tannell has continued most of this year as an investigative and innovative family, however a few major setback in the detective field have reduced Tannell's reputation in that area. Their meddling has raised mild ire from Ferran and Count Ashet. A few innovations on their part have given them a bit of capital to work with in the future as well, and their financial situation has improved since last year. However, a good chunk of their capital was embezzled by Amonet, who used it to set herself up independently from Tannell.
Currently, Tannell owns the following:
Tannell Family Estate
The Eloquent Oak
Tannell Museum
~Ancient Dig Site~ (Not really "owned" by Tannell, as they have not purchased the land from the Village Elders)
Lew's repertoire in the area of farming has remained consistent, although a few major setbacks have caused them a bit of turbulence in their trade. They have also begun to branch into general investigation, getting more involved in the justice scene of Frye; new territory for sure, but not entirely out of Lew's league. A few instances with Shuidri have made Lew inadvertently responsible for a few negative events in Frye, although currently no one has traced these events back to Lew.
Financially, Lew is struggling. Farm setbacks, wasted resources on investigating crimes, as well as paying the wages of a number of teachers in the school have drained Lew's finances further.
Currently, Lew owns the following:
Lew Family Estate
Lew Family Farms
Lew Public Hospital (Run by Northe and the Medicants)
Lew Private Hospital (in progress)
The Ferran Family, who has long been in the business of industry, has expanded their influence greatly in the past year. Acquisitions such as the Eastern Mine, the propriety of building the Wall of Frye, as well as managing to build quite a few houses throughout Frye, renting them out for income, has helped Ferran rise from the ashes of confusion that it has inhabited at various times throughout the year.
Ferran's financial situation is picking up. Although they had to spend an exorbitant amount of capital to purchase some of their enterprises, it has mostly paid off, and their revenue is once again streaming in.
Currently, Ferran owns the following:
Ferran Family Estate
Ferran Stoneworks
Ferran Blacksmith
Ferran Quarry
The Indigo Ibex
Ferran travelling Blacksmith Merchants
The Eastern Mines
Ferran Hospital
Ferran Rental Wall-Houses

The Family Asura's lot in this past year has been one of familial intrigue, conflict, and expansion. Formerly content to rest on it's lees, the Asura family has begun progress and expansion. Several new properties have added themselves to Asura's ranks, and due to some of Asura's income being funded from the Village Elders (after all, they supply the village guard), Asura's income is predominantly stable. Asura has traditionally had a positive reputation among the people of Frye, and while this bastion of good faith has stood strong throughout the year, internal conflict and turmoil have caused spreading skepticism amongst the other more influential commoners of Frye.
Currently, Asura owns the following:
Asura Family Estate
Asura Family Farm
Asura Guard Tower
Asura Mercenary Company
The Truceful Mule
Asura Barracks
::Yearly World-Knowledge Report::
Frye, along with Shaake, Donu, and Traye, are all under the reign of Count Ashet, recent heir to the late Count Adaarn. Shaake, Donu, and Traye do not have Village Elders and are managed directly by their respective Bailiffs. Count Ashet, along with one other Count, are ruled by a Duke, who is subject to a King alongside several other Dukes. The War the Count Ashet was involved in last year has ended. Rumor has it that this war was against a terrifying enemy, one of monstrous proportions... The world is predominantly Early-Middle-age technologically, religiously, and societally, and uses iron as it's primary tool and weapon material; the Traye County has an edge, however, due to the use of proto-steel that Count Ashet is wisely keeping secret from the other lords around him. The Duke of the Denir Duchy, of which Traye is County, is rumored to be a good-hearted man, and a Dabalian. He and his wife, Duchess Mona, make occasional visits to the Counties he has the honor of ruling, and even visits the individual villages themselves on occasion, when he hears extraordinary things about them. As such, Frye could expect a visit from the Duke in this upcoming year at some point...
[OOC: If I missed anything that you think is important to note, or if there's more information you'd like to know about anything in particular, mark it in an OOC comment and I'll do my best to resolve it!]

And now, a new month and a new year lay themselves before us. It glows with illustrious possibility, and the families may strive onward; once more into the breach, dear friends!
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Wed May 29, 2019 11:14 pm

1. Yes.

Send 2 groups of 5 people to the cave, all of whom armored, one group is sent during the day, the other is sent at night. Whatever lives in that cave, it has to sleep, probably

Continue work on the hospital. Hopefully the people who build it will gain experience in this area.

Ask Krampt to tell investigators everything he may know about Mace

Go to Trays, Shaake, and Donu to search for Mace.

Try to find uses for various wild plants in the area for potential farming and domestication.

Leife remains silent and says nothing
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Tiberius » Thu May 30, 2019 6:04 am

Yes. I'm disappointed no one thought of this earlier.

Another Month or two won't hurt, finish working on the mine

Buy Luge's gang under an anonymous identity

Ask the seer for an honest attempt to teach some family members and if they comply let them go home.
Ask the Bard and the Wanderer to develop their magic
Ask all three to teach Nola

Reorient the Ferran Defence unit to an externally focused mercenary company. Rotate men in and out to defend Ferran properties while the bulk fight elsewhere. Attempt to poach from Asura with better pay and recruit outsiders as well. Arm them with the bulk of the stockpile. Keep some in reserve for maybe Luge's gang(To be given out later once he shows his worth and a job needs doing).
Look for a foreign Veteran to lead this shift and to train them.
Start forging Mail for them

If this move dosen't fail somehow then name it the Steel Company

Attempt to Hire a Monster Hunter/Veteran/Whatever to capture the black beast. Potentially the Veteran if he's a particularly high roll or competent enough in the area.

To Cisse
Ferran continues to prosper and we now look to expand into more markets. We've been working to establish a mercenary company, but there's certainly no one in Frye up to the task. Is there anyone you might refer us to? Our deepest thanks, and of course this company would give very preferential rates to the count.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:00 pm

Just waiting on Tannell and Elforche, and I'll be ready to draft the next turn report.
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