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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:51 pm

Tiberius wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:09 pm
What happened to the family member who was actually captured by thugs who I wanted to free? The one who was ransomed?
Oh... oops.

You’d written to Cisse that the thugs had captured Nola (who was held by Elforche), so I’d simply assumed you were lying in order to get the resources to free Nola and get Arson Man back.
I can redo that section if your plan had been to free your family, although you have the resources to do that this month anyway if you wish.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Billy5545 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:57 pm

1. Yes. We shall not just cut off the hands of the criminals, however, but we should also brand them with a red hot poking iron, before banishing them from Frye

1. Investigate the attack at the villa, as well as where Nola and the Arson Man are now. Try to enlist the Tannell's help for it
2. Improve the soldiers of Elforche, by hiring new soldiers, as well as increase training for them.
3. Try to ask Xijin about the attack on the Elforche's villa and what he knows about it
4. Research the black beast by reading the book that the Asurans made when they tried to slay one of them, as well as sending soldiers after them
5. Go a safer way and send some people to learn about the crafting industry of other villages instead, like Shaake or Donu, in hopes that the knowledge can help the crafting business of Elforche
6. Create a well crafted statue for the New Moon Festival. It will be made of wood and stone. Also, try to deliver a speech about how the Elforche believes that the Ferran is responsible for the attack
7. Have a random family member awaken a magical power to create illusion

Letter to Cisse:
We are now investigating the attack at our villa. We request your help by bringing investigators to help us. We also request some soldiers to improve our security after the attack. Finally, we will also disclose the fact that we seem to find another black beast when we tried to explore the region.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:35 pm

Tiberius wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:09 pm
Just waiting on Ferran, after which we’ll be able to commence the next turn report!
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Tiberius » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:59 am

Vote 1: Whatever seems popular
Vote 2: Sure

Repair the Ibex
Put efforts towards ensuring the mine is as safe as one could expect a mine to be, then start using it to source Ferran Metalworking. I finally have it, after that one tiny mistake at the begining of the game.
Quietly start building up a reserve of weapons on the side
(I'm going to blame the Nola/random member event on family miscommunication and polticing)

Quietly explain that Arson man is a bastard son of the family who was never quite sane. As for Nola, she disaperared without a trace, how were we to know she was there of her own free will. But add on that Arson Man's father misdirected the forces away from the real target, which was just a bunch of thugs.

Attempt to ingratiate the Mages by offering them a great deal of operational autonomy if they come to work for Ferran
Figure out how defiant Nola is going to be
Take stock of current criminal assets(is it just a thug and Arson Man?)
Attempt to produce some particularly high quality metal work to sell in the nearest city to help recover funds

Letter to Cisse
Issue the apology above

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Billy5545 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:05 am

Forgot to put my 2nd vote. Will do it
No, we need explanation from the Asurans about their involvement in the attack on our villa first

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Burger Cat » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:32 am

Maruki Decision:
As Maruki was the one that proposed the laws, he does support them but he does like the suggestion of the branding via hot iron.
Acts of the Months:

Some Asura workers at their spare time to construct a barrack near the watch-tower for the Asuran guards to be used as a place for the guards to set up as a base of operation.

The family of Airi accept the help from the Lew Family.

Xijin will reveal the information that he know about the incident at Elforche villa as he doesn’t know about the details exactly as Maruki was behind this event.

The Shoemaker will try to improve his Trustful Mule by allowing to hire fellow shoe makers of Fyre that should be under proper protection by the Asura and to boost the output of shoes are created for travelers and fellow villagers.

Xijin and few of his men “Like about 6 of them with him” as most of the Asura would like to stay neutral in religious conflicts and works but Xijin would still go to the Old Docks with Notu.

Dioruki will receive the weapons/ armor requested to be done toward the Ferran Family this month.

Maruki will begin his training with the new recruits to improve their skills in martial combat and archery.

The Asura will spend some guards to investigate the dock and streets nearby it to see if any criminal activity is to be found and to possibly capture the mace thief.

Maruki to write down an apology letter to the Elforche family as they were trying to hunt down a certain criminal that stole the family treasure and was there closest led into the case and miscommunication with the Ferran family as well.

The Asura Workers will continue with their helpful re-construction of the Indigo Idex.

The Asura guards will let go of the supposed Lew family member “thought to be a thief by the guards” if why was she really trying to get into people houses, then she is free to go.

The farmers will try to build up a fenced grazing areas for the horses to live as the Asura Family wants to have to upgrade their guards to be on horseback.

The Asuran Elections will be finished this end of the month as Xing, Xijin, and Estralia will count up to the votes to see who is the new leader of the Asura.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:33 pm

OOC: Letting everyone know there will be a bit of a delay before the next turn report, due to busy IRL situations.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:50 pm

And so, the Eleventh month transpires through us and in us, and we move forth from it's grasp. A time of both recovery and plotting, a time of change and tradition alike, yet it moves on. What has transpired? Read on...

The Elders have discussed the Current issues, and their results are recorded here.
1. Dismemberment of hands a punishment for major crimes, yes or no?
Erris: Yes. We shall not just cut off the hands of the criminals, however, but we should also brand them with a red hot poking iron, before banishing them from Frye.
Natoole: I feel it is unwise to make permanent judgment on those who may have committed crimes. People are easily deceived, which can harm innocent people.
Fenris: I am voting with the majority on this subject.
Maruki: Support, also support branding with a hot iron.
Bouhe: Yes. Crimes that harm people should be punished.
Loforz: No, this is too rash; also those who have religious ties to an organized religion should be exempt, and handled internally by the religious organization.
Final Vote: Although there were protests from those who wanted to avoid rash behavior, the majority won out, and this new law has been put into place. Those who can be reasonably proven to have directly committed a violent crime are to have both their hands cut off, and be banished from Frye. What constitutes as a violent crime and what reasonable proof is, is currently up for debate.
2. Financial support for the Asuran guard to train their recruits, yes or no?
Erris: No, we need explanation from the Asurans about their involvement in the attack on our villa first.
Natoole: Yes, I feel that this is a better way to deal with crime.
Fenris: Sure.
Maruki: Yes.
Bouhe: Yes.
Loforz: Yes, we should ensure proper protection. this is a better way to deal with crime than rash judgments.
Final Vote: Although Erris heatedly debates that Asura explaines themselves, this issue lies outside the scope of the direct rulership of the Village Elders, and with Cisse himself. The majority voted in favor of the proposal, and Maruki hand-delivers a letter to Erris from Asura (see Asura's prior action).

Cisse, our Bailiff, has read the letters of the powerful families and has responded accordingly.
Dear Cisse,
We need to inform you of evidence we found at some crime scenes, and think Ferran may be involved. (Lists all evidence found.) This is important, We think Ferran's strike team may be formed to keep them from being found out and to attempt to halt further investigations.
Sincerely, Lew

Greeting Cisse,
I am quite curious as to what happened during the "raid" of Elforche. It has caused quite an uproar.

Arson man is a bastard son of the family who was never quite sane. As for Nola, she disappeared without a trace; how were we to know she was there of her own free will? Arson Man's father, in order to save him, misdirected the strike forces away from the real target, which was just a bunch of thugs, common rabble.

Asura: [No Letter Was Written]

We are now investigating the attack at our villa. We request your help by bringing investigators to help us. We also request some soldiers to improve our security after the attack. Finally, we will also disclose the fact that we seem to find another black beast when we tried to explore the region.

Cisse has decided to send a detachment of County soldiers to be used to guard Elforche's properties, as well as sending a letter of apology directly from himself, as it had never been his intention to sanction an attack on Elforche of any kind. Cisse is also returning to Frye to more directly investigate Lew's evidence, and orders Ferran that Arson Man's father be delivered into village custody and be placed under temporary arrest for causing such confusion until this can be sorted out. A letter is sent to Tannell explaining the events of the Elforche Villa, as Tannell is known to be skilled investigators [Tannell now knows the County Soldiers' perspective of the event "Strike Team Assault"]

The powerful families have done much this past month:
Lew: -Airi's Ambiance- 27
With Asura's blessing, Lew took Airi into their own custody, to attempt some final herbal treatments to save her life. Unfortunately, she was already too far gone to be helped. Lew was able to give herbal remedies to ease her pain, and make her lucid enough to give her Xijin and others from Asura some final words before her passing. Airi told Xijin that it was her time to leave this world, and traverse to the next, where she could use her magic more freely. Then she expired in Xijin's arms.

Lew: -Ransom Rules- 93
Lew family members follow the instructions brought to them by the surviving investigator, and leave a large sum of money underneath the roots of a young tree on Elforche's privately owned forest. They were told by the instructions to leave promptly after, but the surviving investigator hid himself to see what would happen. That evening, he witnessed a large mace-wielding thug with a group of others dragging a group of blindfolded aristocrats to the location. After the thugs dig beneath the tree and find the box overflowing with silver coins, they carry it away, leaving the blindfolded aristocrats to fend for themselves. The investigator rushes forth after thugs are gone, untying the blindfolds to find the members of Lew, scared out of their wits, but mostly unharmed. There is another man with them, clearly of aristocratic birth, that the investigator doesn't immediately recognize. He claims to be Sindarch, a member of the Ferran family, and promptly promises that Lew will be rewarded by Ferran for their efforts in his rescue.

Lew: -Medicant Meddlings- 1
The injured investigator, although only mildly wounded and bruised, was sent to the Medicants to see what they could do to help. The lead Medicant in the hospital wing they were in, wearing the trademark yellow robe and beaked mask, immediately suggested skull treppanning to relieve cranial pressure, even though the investigator's head wasn't wounded at all. After tying the investigator down, they used a large hand drill to open his skull, despite his agonizing screams. He died shortly afterward in great pain due to brain damage and blood loss. The lead Medicant then threw up his hands and said that this man must have already been beyond help.

Lew: -Raised in Captivity- 11
Unfortunately for Lew farmers, the recently caught foxes and deer seem to be much more skittish than their previous batch; the deer manage to escape, and while the foxes remain captive, several Lew farmers are injured by bites from the more aggressive foxes.

Lew: -General Inquiry- 15
Returning to the general store, the remaining Lew investigators find that the man who used to own the store has sold it to another man, and left Frye. Apparently the heat was getting to be too much for him. The new store manager is less than happy about inquiries, and tells Lew that they need to buy things if they want to be in here; if they want further information, they will also need to provide this new store manager with a fee, else he swears his lips will be sealed.

Lew: -Mace's Malignance- 64
After disguising themselves and asking urchins and other cretins in the streets of Frye, Lew investigators learn that the man with the morning-star is called Mace, a powerful fighting thug and also a gang leader. He is known to often acquaint the area by the old docks. They don't learn much else beyond that.

Lew: -Shuidri Services- 80
Thankfully, the Shuidri seem to be unaffected by the sicknesses suffered by their fox and deer hosts, as they merely infest dreams, not physically attach themselves to their host's physiology. In fact, many of them have recently left their hosts and laid clutches of eggs; these young could be used to produce a large quantity of valuable silk if handled correctly.

Lew: -Armanus's Armageddon- 49
Lew's investigators, not as efficient as professional investigators like Tannell's don't manage to make heads or tails of Armanus' cult-like rhetoric, except getting some references to a "land beyond the sea", which could mean anything.

Lew: -Dabalian Dabblings- 31
Dabalian pastors merely respond to Lew's questioning by stating that false gods needn't be heeded, and that meddling in such trifles is foolishness.

Lew: -Historical Habits- 89
While Lew's investigators have already been overtaxed this month, they continue to operate and learn more of Frye's political intrigue. Amialal, the history teacher, is observed each day, to see what he does when he is absent from school. The investigators manage to track him into the forest in broad daylight, as he moves quickly with his hood pulled over his head, bandanna about his face, as always. They track him to a cave surrounded by broken bones and other human skeletal remains, where he disappears into the cave. They hear growls and other unearthly noises coming from the cave. Then Amialal sneaks back into the village.

Tannell: -Eloquent Repairs- 83
The inn is fully repaired, and ready to take on patrons. Some of the lower class patrons return with no qualms, and over time, the higher class patrons return. They are a bit wary of the food, but after hearing that Tannell will be trying no such shenanigans again, they happily begin to support the Eloquent Oak once again. Revenue increases.

Tannell: -Artifact Artificing- 43
Very carefully crafted; that was the slogan Tannell tried to use when making the replica of the ancient structure. And while they were extremely careful, it meant they took much longer than anticipated, which has caused them to only be barely finished the foundation of the replica structure. The real structure was the size of a small hill, and thus even a half-size structure is almost as big as Tannell's museum. It will take the hiring of skilled builders, or simply a much longer time to be fully complete, not to mention that it will fill the museum almost completely.

Tannell: -Amonet's Ambitions- 98
The leaders of the Tannell family confront Amonet about her strange claims, and hear a most ostentatious story from her. Amonet, when hired to teach in the school, was smitten by the foreign history teacher, Forese. She had been relieved of duty when it was clear she was not fit for teaching, but Forese then began to pursue her romantically outside of work. When he proposed to her, she thought it was much to soon, and thus declined his proposal. After this, he transformed before her very eyes into a large floating stone, surrounded by smaller stones, and said she'd regret rejecting such a divine one as himself. Then he left, and Amonet witnessed him enter and leave several different houses of women she knew that night. She saw him leave Frye, but not before something strange happened in the forest. Amonet then leads the leaders of Tannell to a small clearing in the forest, where a as yet undiscovered half-buried monolith stands, glowing with ancient red carvings. Amonet tells the leaders of Tannell that she has been chosen by the god Forese, as she was the one to find the monolith. She also produces a copy of the paperwork stating her ownership of this section of land [purchased with Tannell's money], and warns Tannell not to fight her on this. For now, Amonet demands they keep this a secret, and she will reveal all to Frye when the time is right. Amonet gives them an ultimatum; ally with Amonet and prosper, or Amonet will disown Tannell as her family, and they will be at odds forever after.

Tannell: -Nosey Natoole- 40
Natoole visits the grieving Elforche family to offer condolences and to try get a better understanding of what happened, but now is still not the best time to talk about these things, and Natoole senses this. Thus he offers his sympathies and well-wishes, and leaves Elforche alone. Relations between Tannell and Elforche increase slightly. The Asurans are having the same trouble, but less so, and since Ferran led their strike team, they know very little other than that they had never meant to attack Elforche; that wasn't the original plan.

Elforche: -Villa Villainy- 36
What remains of Elforche's skilled investigators attempt to discover more about he events that went down in their private villa. Unfortunately, much of the tangible evidence was burned in the short fire that was caused before some of the raiders made their escape. Elforche does find a torn cloak with the Asuran family coat of arms on it on the stairwell going into the basement, torn and badly burnt.

Elforche: -Private Militia- 62
The recent events have done wonders to the steel nerves of Elforche's guards, making them more combat ready and vigorous. Elforche manages to hire a fair number of commoners as recruits to supplement their own security detail, and while they are not equipped with the best of weapons and armor, mostly street clothing, clubs, and daggers, they are willing to defend and also learn. They receive some basic training, but commoners are slow learners, and thus they are only at novice levels of combat.

Elforche: -Xijin Queries- 8 (Result affected by Asura)
Xijin, while apologetic and understanding of Elforche's situation, is no longer in command of Asura's operations, and thus has no information to give Elforche about the attack.

Elforche: -Research Renderings- 79
After obtaining a copy of the "Black Beast" book written by Xing and Wasashi from Asura, Elforche researchers pore over its poorly-written tomes, struggling through sentence fragments, run-on sentences, bad grammar, and malapropisms over the next several days. They gather a few valuable facts; the Black Beast usually hunted at night; it seemed to thrive off of instilling fear in its foes and victims; it also had a hide-out in the forest, a cave with some light furnishings, implying it was intelligent. They also learned that it was best faced by large numbers of fighters who wouldn't shrink from injury or death, and wouldn't flee if any number of them were killed. Beyond that, the book seems mostly filled with bunkum.

Elforche: -Crafty Courtiers- 70
Some emissaries from Elforche visit Shaake and Donu, looking for skilled craftsmen with which to share information with. In Donu, they meet a wizened old man who has been making trinkets for a living his whole life. He is glad to share tricks of the trade, and the Elforche emissaries learn much about engraving stone into wooden trinkets, as well as shaping various metals around wood to make very attractive abstract trinkets. They buy several copies of his trinkets, and return home with a few samples and some craftsman knowledge in their minds.

Elforche: -Elusive Illusions- 37
After travelling with the aforementioned emissaries to Donu, a young teen by the name of Esmeralda returns home claiming to have magical abilities of illusion. Many in the family scoff at this, due to the legacy left by Ains, Airi, and Nola on the subject. Therefore, they dismiss these tales as childish drivel attempting to gain attention. Several of the more senior members of Elforche take these claims as a serious offense, since those who claimed magical abilities in the past have all had bad fates. Thus, they put Esmeralda under house arrest, so she won't get herself hurt. After all, Esmeralda is very popular, and surely she wouldn't want one of her many suitors to catch wind of this.

Ferran: -Ibex Repairs- 43(Result Aided by Asura)
The damage from last month's collapse is repaired, but on a slow margin. With the help of Asuran builders, the structural damage had been fully repaired, after a hefty cost to Ferran's budget. Next month, regular repairs can begin. This longer delay has caused more patrons to begin to visit the Eloquent Oak more and more...

Ferran: -The Mine is Mine- 29
While there appears to be no more tremors, clearing the mine of rubble and installing structural supports proves to be hard and arduous work. Ferran-hired workers have managed to clear rubble from about 30% of the mine, and install safe structural supports in about 80% of the cleared areas. While work can begin in those areas of the mine, but doing so could cause the rest of the mine to collapse further, and become unusable. Also, these areas of the mines are mostly picked clean, and wouldn't be good for much except stone, for which Ferran already has a quarry.

Ferran: -Weapon Stockpiling- 50
Without slowing business too much, Ferran smiths begin to set aside weapons made during regular production. These weapons, mostly daggers and shortswords, are then quietly delivered to Ferran's family estate where they can be hidden or used for whatever Ferran intends.

Ferran: -Magiocracy Misgivings- 69
The Wanderer, Bard, and Seer appreciate the Ferran finally visiting them after keeping them in the Ferran estate for almost half a year. Since they had been in effective "paid house arrest", the Wanderer and the Bard are more than willing to comply with Ferran's requests in order to attain any degree of freedom. However, the Seer, who was already very old, wishes to be free to return to her ancestral home in Traye, and doesn't want to work for anyone anymore.

Ferran: -Nola's Narcissism- 47
During her time at the Elforche villa, Nola has become a spoiled brat due to Elforche's pandering to all her needs; thus, while she doesn't seem chomping at the bit to escape Ferran's custody, she does present a rather long list of amenities, dietary, and other... requirements, for her lodging and operation that she demands Ferran fulfill. The list is as follows: Lodging - Large room all to herself with silken curtains and a private patio, a large double canopy bed with woolen blankets and several pillows. Dietary - Freshly cooked and spiced sweetmeats every other day, fresh fruits and water every day, goat's milk, and fine aged wine. Other - 3 live fish in clay vessels filled with water every day, for use in magical performances and rituals, 1 attractive, willing, male courtier for... domestic comforts of Nola's choosing... If Ferran doesn't supply these amenities, Nola ensures them that she will not cooperate with their kidnapping and filthy plans.

Ferran: -Criminal Counting- 92
A successful levy of all criminals in Ferran's employ shows them to have quite a powerful criminal retinue. Arson Man, a legendary firestarter and an extremely lucky survivalist, is extremely loyal to Ferran and their operations. A nameless thug, who is skilled in vertical attacks and has fully recovered from an arrow wound but has hated archers ever since, is loyal to Ferran as long as they continue to keep the silver coming his way. A grand retinue indeed.

Ferran: -Masterpieces- 27
A recent economic downturn in Traye has caused them to be less than willing to pay a premium for high-quality metalworks when their mediocre ones serve them just fine. Ferran now has a surplus of metalworks due to not getting the demand they expected, and thus they have more than enough to sell to Frye for quite a while.

Asura: -Barreling Barracks- 12
Unfortunately, Asurans are still not good builders despite all their attempted projects. Halfway through constructing the shakily-built structure, the roof of the barracks collapsed, crushing several builders and destroying a fair amount of Asuran armor and weapons that had already been transferred to the new barracks. A pile of rubble and broken support beams shows the full amount of Asuran efforts to construct a barracks, while several of Asura's guards have to go under-equipped until this armor and weapon shortage can be resolved.

Asura: -Trustful or Truceful- 64
The Shoemaker of the Truceful Mule manages to locate and hire two other journeyman shoemakers who had been unsuccessfully attempting to build their own shoemaking business in Frye for some time, and were finally ready to move into a more stable industry. The extra labour boosts production, and more shoes are produced, although demand in Frye hasn't increased very much. Revenue for Asura increases slightly.

Asura: -Armor Retrieval- 74
While Ferran hadn't responded to their request in the prior month and thus did not plan on producing extra equipment, Asura got lucky. The extra equipment that Ferran couldn't sell in the neighboring cities was able to be purchased by Dioruki for the same price, and thus Ferran made the funds they hoped to, and Asura manged to replenish their stores of equipment that were lost in the collapse of the barracks, plus have a few spare for some of their new recruits.

Asura: -Raw Recruits- 52
The new recruits take to their training swords and practice bows, and training begins. Nothing exceptional can be reported; after all, these are raw recruits that need complete combat training, which could take months at the very least. Maruki will have his work cut out for him. Some recruits are noticeably inept with a bow, while others are noticeably inept with a sword.

Asura: -Tightening the Noose- 96
Tromping through the mud, a detachment of Asuran guards patrols the old docks, looking intently for anything out of the ordinary. Rounding a corner, they come face to face with Mace himself and a group of malicious looking thugs, who are busy holding up a young pair of aristocrats for their jewelry and fine cloaks. The Asuran guards draw their swords and charge, and a wild fight ensues. The pair of aristocrats escapes into the darkness in the chaos. A few of the Asuran guards are beaten down by cudgels, but it isn't long before the trained militia cut through most of the thugs, leaving them bleeding out in the muddy street from their wounds. Mace himself manages to severely wound two guards before being disarmed by a combined effort of three other guards, who managed to wrench his morning-star from his hand and pin him down in the muck of the street. With a sword at his throat, Mace is brought to the Frye jail, and kept under tight guard. The new laws stipulate that Mace will have to have his hands cut off, and be banished from Frye...

Asura: -Horse Hankerings- 19
Unfortunately, Asuran builders were unavailable after the disastrous event at the barracks had occurred. The unskilled guardsmen who attempted to renovate the horse pasture managed to spook the horses such that they bolted, jumping the fence and dashing off towards Frye. After a frantic chase through Frye's streets, the horses booked it out of the village, down the road toward Traye. No doubt they have been either lost or stolen by some brigands by now. Asura's horse population: 0.

New Moon Festival (Event): 59(Lew: -Ferran's Ferocity- 43, Tannell: -Banners of BLue- 8, Elforche: -Stately Statue- 71, Elforche: -Ferran Accusations- 74)
The New Moon Festival, although delayed by a month, came with great celebration upon all in Frye, on a dark night when the sky was devoid of the moon. The evening begins with some craftsmanship contests, which are greeted with much cheer by the crowd, who are already half-drunk with mead. Elforche, with the help of some muscular commoners, raises a large wood and stone statue in the town square, which results in raucous cheering from the crowds, who cheer out Elforche's name. Then came the custom of the Youth Offering, in which small and wizened plants and vegetables are burnt by a member of Asura, to symbolize an offering to Nature. A banquet was celebrated, with food provided by the farms of Lew: Apples, Pears, Honey, Venison, and small roasted animals are enjoyed by aristocrats and commoners alike. During the banquet, the Elders speak individually to commoners near them about their current views on politics in Frye. After the banquet comes to a close, a member of Lew steps up and makes a short speech to the crowd, but touches only very slightly on the festival itself, and begins to spread libel and verbal attacks against Ferran, stating that they are impeding legal investigations and could be behind a large number of the disastrous happening in Frye as of late. The crowd grows restless and begins to mumble and squabble, with a few voices angrily shouting out from Ferran members that such talk is nothing but lies. Several of the more audacious and drunken crowdsmen take advantage of the distraction to hurl small rocks at the stage, causing the Lew member to scramble for cover. After he leaves, a member of Elforche ascends to the stage during the chaos, and raises his hands to calm everyone down. The crowd grows silent once again, anxious to hear what this man has to say. The crowd listens sympathetically as the Elforche members goes on in detail about the gruesome attack on the Elforche villa, and gives names of the men known to have lost their lives. He does not blame Cisse or the Count's men, and even states that Asura is not to blame. Then he directs all focus on the Ferran family, who had orchestrated the attack, and were directly responsible for all the damage and loss of life from this event, and who knows how many others. The crowd goes wild at this, and enraged and drunken commoners swinging at anyone who looks close enough to a Ferran aristocrat. The once-quiet assembly deteriorates into a madhouse of drunken brawling and vandalism, as the Ferran participants at the festival run for their lives. During the chaos, members of Tannell belatedly try to erect several brilliantly woven blue banners, but they are seized from their hands by drunken crowd members who light the banners on fire to use as rudimentary torches as they attempt in vain to hunt down Ferran members and their sympathizers. Lew's reputation with the commoner's drops slightly; Elforche's reputation with the commoners increases; Ferran's reputation with the commoners drops significantly. Asuran guards eventually manage to restore order and have the commoners calm down and return home, most still quite riled up, shouting out obscenities and absurdities into the night before returning to their homes, confused and angry. However, the party-animal dwelling in the hearts of the commoners has been calmed.

U'debbhaian Festival (Event): 91(Lew: -U'debbhaian Underlings- 37)
The U'debbhaian Church is packed to the brim with eager attendees, as well as an incognito family member of Lew. A priest leads a Festival prayer of Life, while the corwd chants in response to his holy words. Then large clay vials of wine are passed about amongst the Festival-goers, who all have a modest drink from them, and begin a long serenade in honour of U'debbha, their god, singing songs of praise and asking for deliverance from the prisons that are their mortal bodies; their souls must be freed! During the ceremony, the Lew delegate attempts to speak to the adherents, but each time is refused until those nearby notice that this visitor is not intent on worshiping; after which the Lew delegate is escorted quietly outside the building without learning anything. Outside the building, the singing echoes onto the streets of Frye, and many non-U'debbhaian commoners stop to listen, and begin to gather to the church to hear more of the serenade. Many are converted to U'debbha from this event.

Armanus' Escape (Event): 40(Asura: -Xijin's attendance- 80)
A few days after the New Moon Festival, Armanus and his followers gather at the old docks, with Xijin and a few men, wearing incognito hoods pulled over their facial features blending into the crowd. Armanus raises his hands in the air as rain coincidentally begins to fall, and makes a speech about leaving Frye for the Holy Land of NiLetu, were all can be free to serve Chayrus without perturbation, while Chayrus would destroy the "Dark god" of Frye. Many in the crowd support his vision, and cheer as he mentions it. Armanus then signals to the other side of the river flowing past the old docks, and a group of strong men push several large barges and other dilapidated craft onto the river rowing them across to the docks, where Armanus commands those who truly serve Chayrus to get into the boats. Commoners begin pouring into the boats from the docks; one boat was inadequately prepared, and springs a leak before quickly sinking. The occupants were only narrowly rescued by nearby boats. Thankfully, no one drowned. Xijin himself remained on the docks with several of his men, but commanded one of the them to go with these cultists and to report back when he got a chance, about what became of them. Some Asuran guards saw the commotion, and tried to stop the commoners from leaving; they managed to suspend six boats while four boats made their escape; Armanus was aboard one of the boats that escaped down the river, all being full of commoners.
Village Elders: -Mace's Multilation- 39
After being captured by the Asuran guards, and having ample evidence to his name of having committed violent crimes, treason, theft, sedition, and murder in Frye, the Elders have determined that the law must be upheld. As a public event, the villagers gather to witness Mace being led to the stage of the town square, where Xijin's sword stands firmly in place as a memorial af peace. Mace is brought to the sword, and forced to his knees before it. The charges of his crimes are read aloud before the crowd, who mumble and gasp at mention of each charge. After the reading, Mace's hands are bound together, and he begins to struggle against his bonds and shout that this is wrong. He pleads for mercy, promising to amend his ways, to no avail. His wrists are pressed firmly against the sword of Xijin, and an Asuran guard gives his wrists a swift kick against the sharpened blade, spewing blood and shattered wrist-bone on the cobblestones as Mace screams in agony at his dismembered hands, laying on the pavement. Then the Asuran guard draws his sword, and screams, "Run!" to Mace, who begins to frantically flee into the woods from Frye as the Asuran guard attempts to stab him in the back and slay him. Thus Mace was punished and banished from the village. A hush falls over crowd as they realize the barbarity of what just occurred. Many whisper in fear and look fearfully at the Elders. What will they do next?

New Issues:
1. Loforz, the U'debbhaian Elder nominee, has stepped forward, proposing to rescind the recent law of cutting the hands off of violent criminals. Yes, he agrees, there should be a punishment, but this is not it. Such a soulless act cannot be perpetrated by the leaders of such an illustrious village as Frye. At the very least, perhaps a general vote for all the public should be held on this matter, instead of only 6 Elders deciding the fate of the whole village.

Notable Events:
1. Mace, being the first criminal captured with proof of a violent crime, had his hands dismembered before being banished from Frye. The villagers reacted in fear to this new extremist regimen of crime punishment, and many are quite disturbed. Was this the right thing to do? Public crime has appeared to decrease, but theft, black market running, and other covert crimes have become more rampant as those who were o0nce more brash have become more cunning in response to this new strict policy.

2. Armanus and many of his cult followers have left Frye. While some may see this as good, it has caused a slight labor shortage in Frye, as many working-class commoners have effectively disappeared. The cult members who were unable to escape were released into the populace again after a few days in jail, agreeing to return to their work without disturbing anyone. However, they still meet regularly in the basement of Armanus' old house.

3. Almost 25 young unmarried women have given birth at almost synchronous times from the commoner district of Frye, all claiming that Forese is the father of their children. Amonet promises them security and using some of Tannell's funds and the funds they had given her last month, purchases and furnishes a large group home in which they can all live and raise their children. Amonet herself is the head of this new group, and the women all begin domestic labor, raising funds for Amonet's new endeavors in the future...

4. The twelfth month is upon us, meaning that the powerful families each, once again, have the opportunity to review the Village Elder they have nominated, and if they wish, nominate another instead, which could increase their influence. [Note: times of regular nomination will not cause rage from the former Village Elder, as bi-yearly nomination is the custom.]
In short, here are the current Issues that the Elders can vote on this month:
1. Rescind the order of dismemberment and banishment, yes, no, or hold plebiscite?
And so, the Twelfth month is upon us, the year's end is coming... Hopefully the year will end on a good note, but perhaps it will not...
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Re: Burghers of Frye

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I still don't care but people seem angry so lets stop doing it

Cry about my bad rolls

Continue repairs
Continue mine repairs
Continue weaponstoring
Arson Man, his "father", and nameless Thug stage a dramatic escape when Ferran "attempts" to arrest him. Publically.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

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1. We can rescind it, if another punishment can be thought of

Cull aggressive foxes ehile keeping the less aggressive ones around.
Take the bodies of the foxes to the cave Amiaral went to to find out what lives there

Care for the eggs and young Shuldri.

Briana will become a host for 1 or 2 Shuldri, upon becoming their host, she will tell them what she knows about the Medicants, who she thinks is their biggest enemy.

Start to build their own hospital, without the Medicants finding out.

Leife will try to figure out how the Medicants determine the treatments they use telling them it will help him figure out a better way to determine the types of medicine to produce

Lee brings Cisse to where the evidence is kept and and shows him all of it while explaining how it relates to what's been happening, how they got it and tells what happened with Mace,

A member of Lee heads to the general store offering to buy the items they ask about, and proceeds to ask about the items sold by the "noble" to the store, as well as paying the fee.

Offer to help Asura build their barracks

Law Proposal: People who work at hospitals need to have experience in making and/or prescribing medicine, and diagnosing patients correctly. This is to avoid incorrectly diagnosing and incorrect treatments that result in permanent injury and/or death
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