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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:07 pm

That sounds like a good idea. I'm suprised Asura hasn't acted yet, they're usually one of the first 3 to respond. Maybe both Asura and tannel are still thinking, alot has transpired this month.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Guineapig004 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:03 am

BakedToast wrote:
Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:23 pm
In short, here are the issues that the Elders can vote for:
1. Medicants nominate an elder, yes or no?
2. How shall we resolve the dispute between Elforche and Ferran?
3. How shall we respond to Cisse's request for the draft revenue?

And so, the twelfth month draws forth upon the village of Frye. Politics may abound, intrigue may run rampant, and hopefully, the year will close on a good note, but perhaps it will not...
1. I still insist on my original point.
2. Have a quick investigation of the mines, to placate the Ferran family.
3. Have a compromise, promise to send some able body men, while promising to support the war in other ways.

Research the live specimens, learn what we can.

Send some members of our family to investigate the tracks and area.

Research other ways to produce more effective weapons using steel.

Joven will continue to represent our family.

Letter to the Bailiff:

Salutations Cisse,

Please try to placate the count, our family is researching new weapons for the war, we are working with the upmost speed.

"And fear struck the hearts of the dodos, as they realized they were being watched..."

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Tiberius » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:53 am

I'm getting that mine one way or another. One way is much easier and less chaotic.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Burger Cat » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:08 am

I will keep Estralia as the current Asura Elder.

Events of the Month:

Xijin will accept both Wasashi and Xing arm of the black beast. Spend them to Ains resting place to become forgiven in their crime and place their blood onto his ashes.

Continue to build the hospital and will help the Lew family with construction.

Continue to build the dabahlian temple.

Continue to build the Shoemaker shop as medium sized.

Asuran guards will try to hunt down this troublesome Arson Man.

Asura family will support the Tannell with steel weaponry production.

Xijin will show this black beast arm to both the Lew and Tannell family to see what information both families can get out of it.

Asura family will try to find some cobblers to make their dream shoe design become reality.

Xijin will places his claims onto the mines as property of the Asura, secretly inform the Ferran family that they will become equal partners of the mines if they want.

Xijin will hire that powerful warrior as the new tactic teacher to lets him begin a new year with his new students.

One of the Asura Guards who is loyal to Northe and the medicants will be informing them that the Dark God might have a bigger influence in the public forests as a deadlier form than the Lew described dream insects.

Some Asura family members wants the Ferran family to help with the repair the damages from the recent fires of the Asura Estate.

Note to the Bailiff:
I believe that two of my men "Xijin father and friend" have found a limb from the black beasts that been attacking Frye people.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:34 pm

Lew accepts the arm and proceeds to try and figure out what the arm belongs to.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:40 pm

Tiberius wrote:
Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:53 am
I'm getting that mine one way or another. One way is much easier and less chaotic.

In a few days I'll have the month report, and hopefully also the Year report, ready for posting!
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:20 pm

And so, the twelfth month, and with it, the year, closes behind us. There's no turning back; what's been done is done. Admittedly, there are some events that have been set in motion that can no longer be stopped, or are outside the control and/or scope of the Village of Frye, that will unfold slowly, and inevitably, upon us. But other events have been in our control, and we have done what we could. After all, we never meant to hurt anyone.

The Elders have discussed the Issues at hand, and have voted.
New Elders have been nominated:
Elamon, a member of Elforche, has stepped in to replace Ferran. Elforche doesn't want to have less power in such a crucial time as this.
Fenris, a member of the Ferran Family, has stepped in to replace Rolfe. Ferran also wants a more direct say in Elder votes.
1. Medicants nominate an Elder, Yes or No?
Elamon: Yes.
Javen: No, the Medicants have no place in Frye's politics.
Fenris:If the Medicants recieve the ability to vote an Elder in, so should the other religious groups. (This will dilute the power of the council, however.)
Bouhe: Yes.
Estralia: While the Medicants may have a strange appearance, they appear to be misguided at worst; allow them this.
Sefiam: They have heretical beliefs, and as such, may not have this power!
Final Vote: After long discussion, the Elders have agreed to conditionally allow the Medicants to nominate a member of the Village Elders. However, they will only have this power until the next Bi-Annual nomination, in which case it will be the turn of another religious group to nominate an Elder for the next six months, etc.
2. How shall we resolve the dispute between Elforche and Ferran?
Elamon: Elforche is not guilty here, no action should be taken.
Javen: Have a quick investigation of the mines, so that the Ferran family can stop their whining.
Fenris: The mine must be Auctioned publicly.
Bouhe: Elforche must sell the mines to the Village Elders, unless the other families are allowed to freely make one investigation each to see what's "going on" in the mines.
Estralia: I support Elforche in this matter as they seem to not be causing trouble. No action should be taken.
Sefiam: The mines need to be closed up, and disallowed to be used! I'm warning everyone here present, there's danger in those mines...
Final Vote: The final consensus of the Village Elders is a merging of their ideas. The mine will be investigated ONCE by each family. If any family (or families) find anything to object to, they may lay it before the Village Elders, who will then vote to decide whether all the claims together hold validation for Elforche to sell the mine. If so, it will be up to Elforche to determine who they sell the mine to, and for what cost, but it MUST be sold, and it may not be sold to anyone that Elforche has influence over.
3. How shall we respond to Cisse's request for the draft retinue?
Elamon: Don't supply any retinue, we need men to labour internally in Frye.
Javen: Compromise, we should send some able-bodied men, but give to the war effort in other ways.
Fenris: I think we should take more time to consider all the options we have. We can start a draft, but we must ensure that our men are properly equipped and trained. This could take months.
Bouhe: Start the darft, to avoid insubordination.
Estralia: I support Ferran. We need to ensure that our men do come home after the war, and are not lost for good.
Sefiam: I agree with Bouhe.
Final Vote: The majority agreed to have a draft begun, and thus the Village Elders command the village guards to recruit able-bodied men who are skilled in combat, to begin training. Fenris has made a good point, and thus the men will be amply trained and equipped before they will be sent out. Many of the guards also are recruited into the retinue.
Cisse has read the Families' letters to him, and has decided to take action.
There was a point where members of the Ferran family, along with an unidentified hooded figure were standing around an area where Casthor was burned to death. We have went to the nearby villages of Shaake and Donu to learn about medicine, and have taught our knowledge to the Medicants. We are also building a hospital with the help of other families. This hospital will be public and usable to the entire village. Reports of the Dark God are almost gone. We think things are looking up, except for an arsonist who burned down various houses. We are trying to find out about the hooded figure and the arsonist, and could use your help.

(No letter was written to Cisse)

Please try to placate the count, our family is researching new weapons for the war, we are working with the upmost speed.

I believe that two of my men "Xijin father and friend" have found a limb from the black beasts that been attacking Frye people.

There is much internal strife amongst the families, namely, the Ferran family, which is taking unscrupulous measures to attempt to secure power for itself! Ferran must be stopped!

The Bailiff, due to the turmoil caused this month [as you will soon read below], has been ordered to withdraw the Count's troops from Frye to aid in the war effort and to maintain stability in Traye, the village where the Count's castle resides. However, he has agreed to spread the word that Frye will be contributing new weapon designs to the county to be used in military escapades. Cisse will be unavailable next month, but he will still read any letters written to him.

The powerful families, in an effort to finish the first year well, have tried hard to accomplish much.
Lew: -Handling Hospitality- 5 (Result Aided by another Player)
Due in part to a stroke of bad luck, but also due to one of Lew's farmers aiding the project, who tried to carve his name into a support beam with a hammer and chisel. The support beam gave way, causing the finishing touches of the hospital to end up collapsing on what was already built, setting progress back almost completely. The rubble was cleared away by supportive Asuran members, and the building began anew.

Lew: -Armored Explorers- 4
The armored explorers Lew sent out to the forests were never heard from again.

Lew: -Hoodwinking- 62
Lew, after much investigation, finds out that the hooded figure was the one who lit the fires to burn Casthor and his men, by pouring fish oil down the well and dropping a torch in it. Naturally, this could be hearsay, and Lew's investigators aren't sure what to think of it.

Lew: -Crowd Control- 32
Taking the moral high ground to try stop protestors of the "one true" religion of Udebb'ha did not go so well for the members of Lew. Leaders of the protests began to revile Lew as "Dabalian scum", and their reputation with Udebbha'ian aherents has decreased.

Lew: -Sagely Synthesis- 13
Upon mixing a concoction of nightshade and goji berries found in the forest, Lew accidentally poisoned one of their members, who is currently seriously ill and comatose. If Lew can't find a way to wake him up soon, he could starve to death, being unable to eat while in a coma.

Lew: -Arson Investigation- 16
Lew's investigators don't make it very far here. It appears that the Arsonist, whoever he was, may have left town.

Ferran: -Count Down- 62
On a fateful night early on in the month, a lone hooded man sneaks up through the alleyways of Traye, the village surrounding the Count's Keep. After months of practice, it's easy for him to avoid detection by the guards as he sneaks closer, through the bushes and grasses of the mote that surrounds the keep. With the aid of a small tree, this unnamed man lifts the wooden hatch of a murder-hole and crawls through it and onto the battlements of the keep, where he finds a lavatory. As gross as it is, he slides down the cramped lavatory pit, ending in a pool of sludge and waste which channels throughout the castle, connecting all the lavatories to each other. The stench is maddening, but this unnamed man will not relent. Consulting some poorly drafted plans to what the inside of the keep should look like, he makes his way to what he assumes is the Count's private lavatory, and begins the gruelling ascent up the near-slick walls of the lavatory chute, reeking of human sludge, using nothing but his own body to propel himself upward. Suddenly, when the unnamed invader is mere metres from the top, the light at the roof of the chute is blocked! The unnamed man grits his teeth as he hears heavy grunting, and suddenly is slopped with a deluge of fecal matter and other waste. He nearly loses is grip on the chute's walls as he silently retches and tries to shake off the recent deposit, and the light at the top of the chute reappears. Finally, reeking and dripping with refuse, the unnamed man stands in the Count's private lavatory. Due to his stench he has to act quickly or be discovered. Taking out a small pouch, the unnamed man pours a puddle of fish oil on the floor, which soaks into the rich carpet of the lavatory with ease. He then produces several small oil-covered twigs, which he lays in a line leading from the puddle of fish oil and around the bed of the now-sleeping Count and his Wife. Finally, he drops the lavatory torch onto the fish oil, and makes his way out of the Count's room and into the halls of the Keep. The fire bursts out much quicker than Arson Man anticipated, and soon the entire lavatory of the Count is aflame, and his bedroom beginning to burn. The Count and his wife attempt to escape, but are ambushed by a horrible poop-covered demon that pushes them mercilessly back into the fire, where they meet their demise. By now, guards are rushing up the halls toward the room, and Arson Man prefers to escape rather than be discovered. Thus, he makes a run for the small window at the end of the Count's room, leaping through a column of flames as he goes. Flying through the window, Arson Man realizes his grave mistake, as the steeply sloped roof outside the Count's room offers little for a slimy entity of such high velocity to hold onto. As he slips off the roof, Arson Man aims for a small tree to break his fall, and manages to land alive, but with several broken bones. Unable to move effectively, he is captured by the Guards of Traye and put into ward. No one knows who he is or why he was covered in dung, but the Guards of Traye suspect he may have been involved in the fire at the castle, and so he is kept under tight guard.

Ferran: -Religious Renovation- 53
The renovations of the Udebha'ian church are taken well by Udebha'ians, but Dabalians see it as an act of a turncoat to support both religious groups.

Ferran: -Forging Forges- 27
The progress on the Forge is going slowly, however due to progress over the past months, the Forge should be complete by the end of the coming month if all goes well.

Ferran: -Nola Knows- 23
Ferran doesn't learn much about Nola. She stays in her private villa all day, and passers-by occasionally see flashes of light coming from within the villa. Ferran members notice that there are guards posted outside her door at night, but they don't bear any family creast or other identifying marks.

Ferran: -Steel Selling- 97
The secret of steel smithing is much enjoyed by craftsmen from the surrounding villages, and brings Ferran a handsome revenue. Some smiths have even managed to journey to neighboring counties, and the Counts there have embraced this knew technology gladly, almost drowning Ferran's smiths in gold as a result. Word has it that the Duke himself (The ruler of several Counts, including the late Count Adaarn) has heard of this, and is looking for the inventor of the superior metal to pay him a visit.

Tannell: -Rendering Research- 69
Tannell has learned that these "Audiovores" consume sound to keep themselves alive. They also seem to reproduce by splitting into 4 new baby creatures, killing the original one. They like warm places where lots of sound is produced.

Tannell: -Track Tracking- 94
Tennell sends explorers into the woods, along with several hunters from the village, to investigate the three-toed tracks and the torn armor and blooded weapons. They manage to successfully follow the tracks to a cave which leads underground, with small stacks of animal and human corpses scattered about the mouth of the cave. The corpses do not seem to be eaten, but are rotting and decaying, with flies buzzing about them. Small rats scatter as the explorers approach. However, they are too smart to walk into a cave unprepared. Making note of where the cave is, so they can easily return, the explorers from Tannell return to Frye and inform Tannell of their findings. What Tannell does with this information is up to them.

Tannell: -Steel Fighting- 18(Result Aided by another Player)
Using Asura soldiers as test subjects, who wield the new weapon designs Tannell creates, has turned out to be less than desirable. The Asuran soldiers are hardened in their ways of use with traditional weapons, and Tannell's idea to use weapons with moving parts and chains attaching them doesn't go down well with them. Most of the Asuran soldiers leave in disgust.

Asura: -Temple Trials- 85
The Dabalian temple is finished at the hands of Asuran builders, a marvel to behold. It's limestone spires glow a bright white in the sun, and it's ornate carvings put the simple Udebbha'ian Church across the street to shame.

Asura: -Shoemaker Shimmy- 70
The building of the shoemaker shop comes along nicely, and is finished. It's not an extravagant building by any means, but it's solid.

Asura: -Arson Hunting- 12
Asuran guards have little luck finding this 'Arson Man'. It appears he may have left town.

Asura: -Cobbling Court- 68
Asura manages to hire a skilled cobbler, who is moving to Frye from the village of Donu, who is more than happy to continue his trade alongside a powerful family of his new home. However, he asks a pretty price for his skills.

Asura: -Sleek Strategy- 90
Wasashi, healed from his wounds, is more than willing to impart his combat prowess to the children of Frye. He begins to teach, and to teach well.

Asura: -Medicant Malformation- 46
Northe and the Medicants here what the Asuran guard has to say, and are not convinced. The Dark god, says Northe, is now too weak to take physical form, due to the valiant efforts of the Medicants to banish him.
Notable Events:
1. Count Adaarn has been slain. A mysterious fire burst out of his private lavatory and consumed his room in flames. The killer is not known, however a suspect is currently imprisoned in Traye. The Count's only son and most eligible heir, Ashet, ascends to the throne and takes up the mantle of his father. He is of the robust age of 24, and well suited to govern; however, his attitude was groomed by his late father, and he could be said to be even more greedy and ambitious than his precursor. However, he is much more shrewd and open-minded, if it means an advance in his own advantage. His first action as Count is to send a fairly large donation to each village under him, with the pretext that he may need extreme military aid in the future, and this donation is preempitve compensation for such aid.

2. The Medicants have acted upon the Elder's voting response and have reinstated Northe as member of the Village Elders. Northe will smugly take his seat among the elders next month.

3. The School of Frye:
Cirriculums in place are Tactics, Medicine, Literacy, Science, and History. There are currently no desired Cirriculums.
Nothing notable need be said about any of the Cirriculums, except the Literacy Class.
The Literacy Class, while the best class in the school, has been having some disconcerting side-effects to the students who attend the extra-cirricular classes. Those students seem to be carrying strange, almost cult-like beliefs with them, and their literary works focus on a half-finished pyramid on a dark horizon, and the end of the world.

4. Lenora, wife of Xijin, is expecting a child. She noticed her belly becoming around about a month ago, and thus the child is expected to be born by the seventh month of the coming year. This is a joyous occasion for the Asura family. [Nothing political to note here, simply a bit of happy news in the midst of
all this dark turmoil. Rejoice! Celebrate Life!]
New Issues: (Remember, powerful families who have a member in the Elders may directly propose new laws [in their own wording] that the Village Elders must take seriously and vote upon. Don't forget this opportunity!)
1. The Elders must decide what to do with Count Ashet's gift. If they accept the gift, they may be obligated to provide extensive military aid in the future. If they decline the gift, they risk stirring the ire of the new Count. However, such a large gift, if accepted, would greatly bolster the coffers of the Village Elders, and could be used to fund many projects and village events.

2. The Elders have been approached by festive Villagers who request a New Year's Festival, celebrating the new year, to take place at the end of the first month of the year. We can accept or deny this request, and if we accept, we must decide what the Festival will Specifically Celebrate, and what events and customs we shall instate, which will be tradition for years to come.
::Yearly Summary of Frye::
The Political system in Frye began this year as a stable system with Village Elders being routinely elected by a meritocracy of powerful families. However, throughout the year, and also due to the opening of the road to the outside world, this system has been modified. The Village Elders are no longer the top authority in Frye; they are directly responsible to obey the commands of their Bailiff, who in turn must follow the orders of the Count above him. The Village Elders still holds general respect from the average populace, although some dissenting groups despise their rule, and it is clear that some of the families, while paying lip-service to the Elders, have taken certain matters in their own hands...

The Economy of Frye has been transformed from a simple intra-village laissez-faire attitude to a trade powerhouse with some light restrictions. Opening the village to the outside world has caused an influx of foreign goods, aspiring merchants, travelers, and adventurers to enter Frye. As a result, local business was temporarily stifled until a goods tax and quality control were placed on goods entering Frye. Local businesses bloom under the new economic system, and the general populace has access to a greater supply and variety of goods.

The military system in Frye has been transformed from a crumbling militia to a trained city guard alongside dedicated soldiers who are training for battles abroad. Mercenaries are available for hire for various tasks about the city, and the village guard is better trained and equipped than it was a year ago.

The Religious situation of Frye is still conflicted, however, it has only gotten worse. The staunch Udebbha'ians, lead by a brusque preacher, meet weekly in their non-descript church, and revile the other beliefs of Frye as filth. The newer religion of Dabalia has gained in numbers, and due to recent events has come to rival the Udebbha'ian religion, with their brand new temple. The leading Dabalian priest doesn't openly revile Udebha'ians, and is a good example to his followers of how a religious extremist should behave. A pseudo-religion, the Church of Northe, has risen up due to a misunderstanding about Shuidri escaped from Lew's farm (although, the misunderstanding is largely not known). The Church of Northe accepts followers of any religion, who set aside their differences to revile a "Dark god" who they seek to banish. The church of Northe functions similar to an areligious spiritual organization, lead by a guru who presides over all actions carried out. Several people also adhere to an ancient and long-dead religion called Mercukh, but they are very few in number and are only mentioned for the sake of mentioning all variants of religion in Frye. Also minor, but for the sake of mentioning all religious variants, we have Armanus, the teacher of literacy, and his star pupils, seeming to adhere to an unnamed cult-esque following, however this is merely speculation...

::Annual Families Report::
Elforche Began this year as a burgeoning craftsmanship-run family, with positive ties to the populace of Frye. However, throughout the year, they have shifted and gained large portions of their income from the Eastern Mines which they reinstated and havebeen using to produce resources ever since, along with a small artifacts museaum of goods found in the mines. They have had several struggles with other families in the village, specifically Ferran.
Elforche's financial situation could be better, due to a large fire burning down their primary source of wood, but they generate decent income from their mines and other businesses.
Currently, Elforche owns the following:
Elforche Family Estate
Elforche Cabinetry and Craftsman Business
Elforche Private Forest (burned down, now just a patch of stubble)
Elforche Mines
Elforche Mining Museum
Elforche Fortune Teller
Elforche Private Villa
Tannell began this year as an inquisitve scientific family, revolving around investigation, and they have remained this way currently. They have aided in revealing several plots that have harmed the village in the past, and have granted benefits in the fields of Medicine and Food preservation, as well as pushing the frontiers of other technologies. They seem to have mostly positive relations with the other families, having not done much to infuriate any of them. Tannell's financial situation is in dire straits, due to their constant contributions to Frye without having a stable source of income at the moment.
Currently, Tannell owns the Following:
Tannell Family Estate
The Eloquent Oak
Lew began this year as a benevolent farming family, and have remained cosistent with this image throughout the year. Their farm has progressed and their family has slightly branched into biological studies. They are, in general, accepted by the general populace for their giving attitude and their contributions to Frye. Lew is currently contributing to the school of Frye by paying the [rather large] wage of Forese, the history teacher, and the wage of the teacher of Medicine, and paying the wage of Olgo, the science teacher.. Lew's financial situation is unbalanced, as they generate a fair income from their farms and silk production, but are paying an exorbitant wage to a certain teacher at the school (not to mention any names).
Currently, Lew owns the following:
Lew Family Estate
Lew Family Farms
Lew Hospital (In progress)
The Ferran Family began this year as a productive blacksmithing family, with slight distruct from the populace due to their long-past foreign lineage. The blacksmithing portion of their family remains in that state, however they have branched out into managing their own quarry and offering masonwork services to Frye. The Ferran family is one of the most distrusted of all the families of Frye, due to their correlation with many events that resulted in large fires or unexplained deaths. Ferran's financial situation is declining. They have poured a lot of resources into (re)building projects, but generate a fair amount of income from the Masonry industry. The steel products they have managed to sell have generated a decent income, but until the Blacksmithing Forge is ready to be used, a large portion of Ferran's income is missing.
Currently, Ferran owns the following:
Ferran Family Estate
Ferran Stoneworks
Ferran Blacksmith (In progress)
Ferran Quarry
The Indigo Ibex
Ferran travelling Blacksmith Merchants
Asura began this year as a family in decline, in charge of the failing military system of Frye. They have revolutionized their family, turning around from a respected, but retiring family, into a major playor on the municipal stage. Much intrigue and suspicion surrounds the family; the family's head, Xijin, appears to be a pure and honest individual, but it would seem that many members of Asura act without his knowledge or permission, causing internal strife or external damage. Of all the families, Asura has the lowest general reputation, due to all the scandals that surround them. Asura is indirectly responsible for the existence of the Medicant Order, and is known to be responsible for the assassination of the first Bailiff, Tiglam, as well as the murder of one of their own, a teenager named Ains. Naturally, Xijin claims he was not the commanding force behind these actions. The Financial state of Asura has improved since the beginning of the year, as they now generate revenue from a prosperous mercenary company, and take wages from the Village Elders in return for managing the Village Guard.
Currently, Asura owns the following:
Asura Family Estate
Asura Guard Tower
Asura Mercenary Company
Asura Cobbler (In Progress)
::Yearly World-Knowledge report::
Frye, along with Shaake, Donu, and Traye, are all under the reign of Count Ashet, recent heir to the late Count Adaarn. Shaake, Donu, and Traye do not have Village Elders and are managed directly by their respective Bailiffs. Count Ashet, along with one other Count, are ruled by a Duke, who is subject to a King alongside several other Dukes. Currently, there is a war at hand that Count Ashet is involved in. Not much information is known about this war, as it will take time for rumors to trickle back to the backwater villages of the Traye County. The world is predominantly Early-Middle-age technologically, religiously, and societally, and uses iron as it's primary tool and weapon material, but that may soon change, thanks to the efforts of a small village in the Traye County.

In short, here are the issues the Elders can Vote for:
1. Accept Count Ashet's donation, yes or no, and if so, what to do with it?
2. New Year's Festival, Yes or No, if yes, how shall it be carried out?

[OOC: If I missed anything that you think is important to note, or if there's more information you'd like to know about anything in particular, mark it in an OOC comment and I'll do my best to resolve it!]

And thus, with the first year of family autonomy behind us, we commence the second. What shall this year bring forth? What awful, soulless acts of humanity shall be seen, and what acts of angelic compassion shall reveal themselves? What events shall unfold that will subdue us, whether we like it or not? All shall be discovered in the coming years...
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by Tiberius » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:54 pm

1. We should accept the gift and use it to rebuild the council building.
2. Yes, a Celebration of new beginnings

Continue work on forge and church

Hire and bribe a foreign expert to help with the mine investigation.
Give the new count the gift of steel since he seems much more likely to accept it. Explain that the production of our own steel has been restricted due to conflicts with the mines current owners, and our own weapon production could be ramped up quite significantly if he makes sure that we take control of the mine.

Offer to pay for access to his forge so that the best of the Ferrans might make a steel masterwork for the Duke.

Bribe the guards to kill Arson Man.

Investigate the men guarding Nola.
Fenris asks to check on Nola and find out what she thinks the purpose of her magic is.

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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by naturegirl1999 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:26 pm

OOC I thought Lee hired Olgo. Why is Tannell paying?

1. Accept Count Ashet's donation, yes or no, and if so, what to do with it?
2. New Year's Festival, Yes or No, if yes, how shall it be carried out?

1. Yes, use for medicine research and military training.
2.yes, celebrate successes of the village and allow commoners to propose laws. The 2 laws with the most commoners supporting them will be voted on the next month.

Proposed New Law
Create nightwatch where people who see a crime report to the guard if they can't stop the crime themselves. (Think watchman system of early England)


Send comatose family member to nearby village to cure him. Tell the doctors what happened with the nightshade and goji berries so the doctors would have an idea on what they are trying to cure.

Try to rebuild hospital.

Try to start a deer farm for venison production.
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Re: Burghers of Frye

Post by BakedToast » Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:38 am

naturegirl1999 wrote:
Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:26 pm
OOC I thought Lee hired Olgo. Why is Tannell paying?
Apologies. Fixed.
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