( Zombies, Burning Ice, and Freezing Lava.

Let us know about the harmful mutations afflicting the game. Also contains a list of known bugs and workarounds.
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( Zombies, Burning Ice, and Freezing Lava.

Post by Natural_20 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:46 pm

So this build is turning out to be one of the "fun" ones:

Zombies: Creatures sometimes refuse to die at 0 health and energy. They get stuck in a "dying" state and just sit there until you exit and reload the world, at which point they immediately die. The easiest way to reproduce this is just to kill everything with extreme temperatures, then look for "survivors".

Temperature/terrain mismatch: Rapidly changing the temperature between highest and lowest results in the temperature getting stuck, but the terrain still changes. For example, set the temperature as cold as possible, then as hot as possible, and watch your world turn to lava without actually warming up.
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