Clicking overlapping menus: does anyone else have this?

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Clicking overlapping menus: does anyone else have this?

Post by docsy » Thu Dec 20, 2018 5:13 pm

So, something I've dealt with a lot with the user interface, is that when menus and things overlap, giving two different things to interact with... instead of only interacting with the top layer, the game makes me interact with both.

For example, if I'm on the map screen, and I click the colorcoding menu, part of it overlaps with the map. When I click one of the options overlapping the map, not only do I select the option but my camera is teleported to wherever I click on the map. When I'm holding the zoom out button on the clade diagram, if it happens to cross with a line (maybe just the dots in the line) I'm pulled out of the clade diagram and I'm now looking at the creatures of that lineage. (which is a fine feature, but awkward when I was just zooming out)

This problem is pretty much everywhere for me, if one interactive thing overlaps another, I will interact with both. there's more examples than this. Does this happen to anyone else, and can it be fixed?

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